Agricultural vehicle driver's self-protection

Because of some objective factors and due to the relatively poor working environment, agricultural vehicles will have a certain impact on the health of drivers. Therefore, agricultural vehicle drivers must strengthen their self-protection during the work process. 1. Prevention of harmful effects of exhaust gas on the human body Exhaust gases emitted during engine operation contain a large amount of harmful substances such as carbon particles, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and acrolein. The long-term inhalation of air containing these substances by the driver can cause respiratory diseases, irritation of the eyes, and prone to conjunctivitis; smoke concentrations are high and can also cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Preventive measures: First, the exhaust pipe should be higher than the top of the cab, or change the position of the exhaust pipe, so that the exhaust gas away from the cab; Second, when the fixed work in the room, you must open the doors and windows, so that indoor air flow; The third is to debug the engine should be carried out in a well-ventilated place, to avoid respiratory inhalation exhaust. 2. Prevention of poisoning caused by poisoning Gasoline and diesel are toxic to the human body. Anti-detonation agent tetraethyl lead in gasoline can invade the human body through the respiratory tract, digestive tract and skin, strongly stimulate the nervous system, causing poisoning; diesel vapor is inhaled into the lungs after the respiratory tract caused by pneumonia, often and diesel vapor, oil contact easily lead to Contact dermatitis, such as erythema, papules and chicken pox. Prevention measures: First, try to avoid direct skin contact with gasoline and diesel, when gasoline, diesel splashes into the eyes, immediately rinse with water; second is to prohibit the use of mouth to suction pipe, especially leaded gasoline, must be used when refueling Refueling tools; Third, the driver in contact with gasoline, diesel, after the work is completed, immediately wash his face with soap; Fourth, if the occurrence of contact dermatitis caused by diesel, gasoline, available 10% phenol calamine lotion rub outside The affected area, once a day, or rubbed with cream, 3 times a day. 3. Prevention of Antifreeze Poisoning The currently used antifreeze is glycol water antifreeze. Ethylene glycol has a certain degree of toxicity and has a damaging effect on the human kidney, liver, stomach and intestines. At the same time, most of the corrosion inhibitors incorporated in glycol water antifreeze are toxic substances. Antifreeze poisoning has a certain incubation period. There will be no reaction within 10 to 12 hours after entering the body; dizziness, headache, nausea, abdominal pain, dry mouth, dry tongue, and cold sweat will occur. Preventive measures: Antifreeze poisoning is mainly from the mouth into the body, so after the driver in the preparation or add antifreeze, be sure to wash your hands. When there are symptoms of antifreeze poisoning, immediately urinate with clean water or 2% soda, and send it to the hospital for treatment. 4. The preventive compounding agent poisoning agent mainly enters the human body through human breath, skin contact, and ingestion. Preventive measures: First, the operating area should generally be greater than 18 square meters; second is to keep the site ventilated, clean and light, the container should be tightly sealed after use, with the remaining compounding agent to be handled in time; Third, after the completion of the work, Wash your hands promptly. Fourth, wear protective gloves and a gas mask during operation, or apply oil on your hands to avoid direct contact with the adhesive. 5.Prevention of noise and vibration on human body The vibration and noise generated by agricultural locomotives during normal operations have far exceeded safety standards, and can cause driver's hearing fatigue and distraction. When the road is running at uneven times, the locomotive will jolt and shake, which can lead to driver's back pain, swelling of legs and legs, and gastroptosis. Prevention methods: exhaust pipe to install a muffler to reduce noise; modified cushion and backrest better elasticity, wear gloves when driving; suffering from gastroptosis or low back pain, should not drive agricultural vehicles. Author: Yangqiao Temple Middle School, Wuqiao County, Hebei Province

Biocide Technical Ingredients

All water based products have plenty of nutrients and water to support microbe growth under favorable conditions.  Microbes invade water based products from multi-point sources, such as contaminated raw materials, poor plant hygiene, untreated water, and not properly preserved recycling materials.  While adding in-can preservatives into the products should not excuse a factory from Good Manufacturing Hygiene Practices (GMHP), proper use of in-can preservatives coupled with GMHP can dramatically minimize the chance of microbial tolerance development, and assure unspoiled products to customers. 

Biocides formulators often use several types of in-can preservatives as active ingredients in their biocidal products for various industrial water based products. One of these active ingredients is benzisothiazolone (BIT).  It has several distinct performance advantages, including good stability at high pH, good stability in the presence of reducing agents, and broad spectrum of activities against many microbes.  

Sunshine Biotech supplies to all industrial biocides formulators with high quality BIT technical ingredients. Besides of BIT, we also provide its derivative, like BBIT, MBIT etc.

Biocide Technical IngredientsBiocide Technical Ingredients

Biocide Technical Ingredients

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