Seed Production of Chinese Cabbage Stereotypes

The methods for collecting Chinese cabbage can be divided into adult planting and seed collecting, small plant collecting and seeding, and middle plant picking and seeding. 1. The method of collecting seed and seedlings is also known as seed collection and parenting. That is, in the autumn and winter of the first year, cultivate robust strains to grow into leafballs, and in the second spring, strains will be bolted and seeded. When using adult plants, the autumn sowing can be 5 to 10 days later than the vegetable cultivation. In southern China, sowing is generally performed in the upper and middle of September, and direct sowing or seedling transplanting can be conducted. At the ripening stage of the product, the seedlings were selected, and those plants that had typical traits of the variety and had grown robustly, had no pests and diseases, had less outer leaves, and had densely packed shoots were selected as seedlings. In order to facilitate the flowering of the seedlings of the seedlings, the cutting head must be processed before the seedlings are transplanted into the net room or the special reserved land. The usual method is a knife, three knife cut and ring cut three. (1) across the board. From the roots of 6.5 to 8.5 cm, the heads were cut and the seedlings were flat. This method is based on the principle of not damaging the top buds. (2) three knife cut. About 6.5 cm from the root, three beveled upwards. After cutting, the strain was wedge-shaped. This method can be used to protect the terminal buds from damage, the bolting flowering is early, and the seed yield is also high, so the effect is best. (3) Circumcision. A blade was cut along the leaf ball at 5.0 to 6.5 cm from the root. Remove the surrounding preserved vegetables. This method is not easy to damage the terminal bud, but bolting later. The field management of seed plants is the same as that of vegetable cultivation in the first year. In the second year, the application amount of nitrogen fertilizer should be slightly lower than that of vegetable cultivation, while the application amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers should be increased appropriately. In addition, pests and diseases should be prevented and treated in a timely manner. The prevention of soft rot of Chinese cabbage can be used for agricultural streptomycin 0.015% ~ 0.02%, found in the field of soft rot should be immediately removed and disinfected with lime disinfection disease; cabbage downy mildew can be used 600 times zisen zinc or 300 times B Phosphorus and aluminum liquid spray prevention and control; aphids and leaf miners can spray 1000 times solution of dimethoate; cabbage caterpillar can be used 50% Xin Xin phosphorus EC 2000 times solution spray. The seed is generally harvested when the seed pods have about 1/3 turn yellow when there is dew in the early morning, and then the drying plants are allowed to dry or dry indoors. The ripening clips are promptly threshed and the threshed seeds are fully sun dried, then cleaned, bagged and stored. 2. The method of seed collection by small plants refers to the method of direct seeding and flowering of the mother plants without harvesting. Also known as spring seeding method. In southern China, sowing is generally conducted in mid-to late-January, so that seeds and their seedlings that are hydrated and sprouted receive natural low temperatures, that is, they pass through the vernalization stage when leafballs have not yet formed, and then they bloom and thrive under conditions of high temperature and long days. Seeds of small plants can be harvested with live seedlings, and 8,000 to 12,000 seedlings per mu can be harvested. Other cultivation, management, and seed collection techniques are basically the same as the seed collection and seed collection methods. 3. The method of picking seeds in the middle of the plant is also called half-ball picking. This method is basically the same as that of the adult planting method, except that the sowing date is slightly later than the adult planting method (usually 7 to 15 days later), and the plants are in semi-balloon state before winter. 6000 to 10,000 strains per mu. The above three methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. First, in the aspect of seed yield, the seed yields of small and medium strains are generally higher and the seed collection methods are lower. Secondly, in terms of seed quality and viability of future generations, the adult planting and seeding methods can be used in the field of leaf ball maturation to make a strict field selection. The effect of removing impurities is obvious, and the seed development is full. The progeny plants have the highest early and uniform shoot weight. Although the mid-seed collection method had little effect on seed development, the plant selection before flowering was only semi-ballistic, and the effect of field selection was not obvious. The balling rate and uniformity of the offspring plants were significantly lower than that of the adult plants. . When Chinese cabbage seeds are produced by small seed collection methods, the seed plumpness and uniformity of their progeny plants are significantly lower than those of the adult seed collection methods, and the long-term adoption of small seed collections can easily cause the degradation of varieties. It can only be used in combination with high-quality seed species for one-time reproduction, but it cannot use seeds produced by small-plant breeding methods to continue breeding seeds.

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