Harvest requirements and storage methods of shiitake mushrooms

Champignons also known as citron, citron, incense letter, Xiangyu, skin, mushroom or mushroom. It is an edible fungus vegetable cultivated in the family of Tricholoma and Lentinula. Use hypertrophic fruit bodies for food. According to the size of the cap, it is divided into large leaves, middle leaves and leaflets. The diameter of the large-leaved species of cap is 10-14 cm, suitable for making dried mushrooms; the cap of the middle-leaf species is 6-9 cm, fresh and dry foods are suitable; the capsules of the leaflets are 5-6 cm, preferably fresh. According to the production season and production conditions, it can be divided into "spring and autumn out", "medium temperature type"; "summer and autumn out", "high temperature type" and "winter and spring out", "low temperature type" and other strains. The medium temperature and high temperature type are easy for manual control, and the low temperature type is cultivated indoors. Using different seasons, choosing different strains can increase the time to market. The unique flavor of fresh products can also be processed dry.
(I) Harvesting requires harvesting to affect scent and yield too early, and it will affect quality later. When the cap is not fully opened, the edge of the cap is rolled inwards, commonly known as "copper rim", and the harvest is best when the pleats have been fully extended. Should be harvested on a sunny day. Containers used for harvesting should not be too large. Small bamboo baskets, etc., can be lined with soft paper or plastic film. Take light and put lightly, and prevent multiple extrusions to try to keep the cells fresh and tender. Place cool and cool place after closing.
(II) Storage Characteristics Suitable storage temperature of mushrooms is 0°C and relative humidity is above 95%. The post-harvest respiration intensity is several times to ten times higher than that of ordinary vegetables; it is particularly evident in high temperature environments where not only the nutrients of the mushroom body are consumed in great quantities, but also the accumulation of ethylene will promote the aging of the bacteria. The veil collapses and the pleats turn from pink to brown, eventually leading to deterioration of quality. Therefore, the temperature should be controlled in time after picking, and it is generally required to be temporarily stored at temperatures below 5°C.
(III) Storage and transportation methods
1. Modified atmosphere storage method (1) The artificial gas control method controls the oxygen and carbon dioxide gas content in the packaging container to 2%-5% and 10%-15%, respectively, under suitable temperature and humidity conditions. Can effectively inhibit the opening of the mushroom cover, delay aging. Can be stored for 2-3 weeks. For the specific method, refer to Chapter 2 Section 2 Gas Storage.
(2) The spontaneous air-conditioning method uses a polyethylene or vinyl acetate film bag with a good air permeability and a thickness of 0.01-0.03 mm, and each bag weighs 0.5 kg. Stored at a moderate temperature, depending on the respiration of the mushroom body, it can spontaneously regulate the oxygen and carbon dioxide composition in the bag. This method is simple and easy, and the short-term storage effect is better.
2. The basic packaging for transport is the same as for mushrooms. In addition, plastic baskets can be used, and the bag mouth is not sealed, and then loaded into a basket with strong support performance, but the capacity should not be too much.
(IV) The listed quality standard fruit body is complete, and the color is pure; without dirt, impurities, no moldy and odor; plus padding with small baskets or plastic film bags.

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