The use and precautions of film continuous sealing machine

The use and precautions of film continuous sealing machine

Equipment Name: Multifunctional film continuous sealing machine

The machine notes:

1. This machine adopts single-phase AC power supply and is equipped with three sockets for grounding the casing. When used, it must be grounded.

2. When the initial use or use interval is too long, at this time, it should be preheated for half an hour for normal operation.

3. Adjust the height of the conveyor belt, front and rear position, suitable for the outer dimensions of the required sealing parts and the conveyor belt level.

Product Usage:

1. It can be used for packaging and sealing of food bags, medicines, laboratories, daily cosmetics, native products, chemical products, electronic products, vegetable seeds, clothing, electronic originals, hardware, souvenirs and other products. Widely used in factories, stores, retail departments, service industries and research and military departments.
2. The device has the advantages of firm sealing, high efficiency, simple and compact structure, small volume, beautiful appearance, advanced technology, low power consumption, convenient operation and maintenance.
3. The sealing machine can be equipped with embossing wheel and printing wheel. If you need to change the font type, you can print the date of the seal, the shelf life, the storage period and other signs at the same time. The sealing pattern and the logo are clear and beautiful.
Technical parameters Power supply: 220V 50Hz 520W
Sealing width: adjustable within 5-14mm. Sealing material: thickness 0.03-0.80mm thermoplastic film Sealing length: 0-infinity Sealing capacity: maximum 55 bags/min (100mm)
Sealing speed: 0-12m/min
Conveyor belt size: 775 × 140mm
Temperature control mode: Thermocouple precision temperature control Temperature range: up to 300 degrees Cooling mode: air cooling Dimensions: 810 × 370 × 310mm
Number of printed words: ≤39 words (4 fonts)

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