Winter greenhouse cultivation cucumber nine taboo

A bogey at random changes the light receiving angle of the booth. The angle of the greenhouse in which cucumbers are grown is a long-term scientific demonstration. Its north-south span, height, and angle of the rear slope should not be arbitrarily changed.

Second bogey concentrated fertilization when planting. All kinds of chemical fertilizers, especially nitrogen fertilizers, produce a large amount of harmful gases when they are hot and humid. If they are concentrated in planting furrows, they will cause the roots of cucumbers to die.

Three bogey too deep. Now the melon farmers use grafted seedlings for production. The grafting of cucumbers is to resist disease. If the colonization is too deep, the cucumbers will give birth to regenerated roots and lose the grafting effect, which will not achieve the purpose of grafting and disease prevention.

Four bogey rainy days do not reveal the grass. People often think that the temperature in the greenhouse will drop due to rain, snow, and snow, and therefore it will not be revealed. In fact, the temperature will not only gradually decline, but also due to the long-term lack of sunlight in the cucumber, causing physiological disorders, severe cases will die.

Five avoid bogey nitrogen fertilizer in winter. Due to nitrogen fertilizer in the decomposition process, the water temperature will be greatly reduced, to promote the reduction of ground temperature, affecting the normal growth of cucumber pods.

Six bogey uses unripe organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizers will ferment quickly when exposed to high temperatures. During the fermentation process, a large amount of ammonia will be generated. Lighter persons will decompose nitrogen fertilizers in the greenhouse. In severe cases, all cucumber seedlings in the greenhouse will be poisoned and die.

Seven avoid spraying at noon and evening. The temperature in the spray greenhouse at noon is too high, the leaf water transpiration is fast, the drug has not been absorbed, and it is dried, especially manganese-zinc drugs, but also cause phytotoxicity. Spraying in the evening is just the opposite of noon, because after the spraying, it is not completely absorbed by the cucumber leaves, and it will decompose and fail due to dampness, failing to achieve the purpose of treatment, but aggravating the occurrence of diseases.

Eight bogey is too low. One-time fall and dwarf will make the leaves reduce light, affect the normal growth of melons.

Nine bogey cucumbers and tomatoes were grown in the greenhouse. It is well-known that crops and roots produce some secretions during the growth and development of crops, which is a kind of plant instinct. The secretions secreted by cucumbers and tomatoes inhibit each other's growth and development. If they are cultivated in the same greenhouse, their growth and development will be severely inhibited, and the yield, quality and cultivation benefit of both parties will be reduced. Cucumbers and tomatoes are very susceptible to locust damage. Once one party is harmed by locusts, another convenience will be quickly transmitted, causing serious harm. The temperature conditions required for cucumber and tomato in the process of growth and development are different. The two are cultivated in the same greenhouse. The temperature and the management of the vegetable grower cannot balance each other because of their incommensurability in the temperature management, so that the yield, quality and economic benefits of the two are reduced.

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