How to plant a good "Dutch Gherkin"

Seedling “Dutch Gherkin” seeds are expensive and can be sown with trays or nutrients when growing. The temperature required for planting is very high, the optimum temperature for germination is 24°C~26°C, and the emergence usually takes 4 days. After emergence, keep 23°C to 25°C during the day and 16°C to 18°C ​​during the night. The roots are afraid of phlegm, hi temperature and cold, and strong aerobic respiration.
Planting cucumber has larger leaves, early fruiting period, can be continuously melon, but the root absorption capacity is weak, so it is necessary to fine-tune the soil before colonization, a large number of organic fertilizer, 667 square meters of cooked manure more than 5000 kg of manure , make up some compound fertilizer. Do small stilts, wide 1 ~ 1.2 meters. Seedling colonization standards are 2 to 4 true leaves, with a seedling age of 25 days and a density of 2,500/667 square meters. Planting seedlings immediately after planting will facilitate the development of the root system.
Field management of fertilizer and water 3 to 4 days after planting a small water, to promote slow seedlings. After easing the seedling water and then watering, it is necessary to use fertilizer for each fertilizer, and apply 10 kg of urea per 667 square meters, pouring it once every 5 to 7 days.
The temperature is planted within 1 week and maintained at 25°C to 30°C during the day, 18°C ​​to 20°C at night, and no more than 35°C. Reduce the temperature after slowing seedlings, during the day 22 °C ~ 25 °C, night 16 °C ~ 18 °C.
Illumination “Dutch Gherkin” is resistant to weak light and can produce high yields in low light conditions in winter. In the summer when there is high temperature and strong light, shade nets must be covered.

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