High-yield Cultivation Technique of Greenhouse Celery

The celery has strong resistance to stress and high yield, which is suitable for the production of plastic solar greenhouses. According to production experience, when the celery is produced in a plastic solar greenhouse, the following measures are taken to facilitate the improvement of yield.

Soil fertigation.

After the greenhouse is built, 5000-6000 kg of high-quality farmyard fertilizer, 50 kg of superphosphate and 25 kg of ammonium bicarbonate are applied to the surface of the land for every acre, and the soil is evenly spread on the surface, then plowed again, and the depth of cultivation is about 30 cm. Become a 1.5-1.8 meters flat.

Selection of high-yield and high-quality varieties.

In greenhouse production, it is possible to choose Italian winter celery or American celery with good yield, and also choose real straight celery and glass crisp. Different varieties, their production capacity is very different, some types of mu production is only 3000-4000 kg, while the high yield of good varieties of up to 8500 kg per mu.

Applicable live.

In the cultivation of celery, seedlings are commonly transplanted. However, according to production experience, when celery is produced in a plastic solar greenhouse, the use of direct seeding is more advantageous because it does not injure the root system and does not reduce seedlings. Strong roots, strong absorptive capacity, and full use of fertilizers and waters are conducive to the vigorous growth of the above ground and the promotion of yield enhancement. Generally should be sowed 10-15 days after the shed, when the chilling conditions are poor enough to facilitate the full seedlings.

Growth period management.

It mainly includes two aspects: celery growth period management and environmental management.

Growth period management: When the celery seedlings grow to three true leaves, they are evenly seeded at a spacing of 13 cm. Timely cultivating and weeding, when it grows to 5 true leaves, it starts to water and often keeps the ground moist. When the petiole is 10 centimeters long, it begins to top-dressing, catching 10 kilograms of ammonium per acre, and watering each time after top dressing to facilitate planting. The absorption and utilization of fertilizers will promote growth. When the petiole length is about 40 centimeters, it will be timely harvested.

Environmental management: In the early stage of sowing, due to the high outside temperature, it is necessary to strengthen the ventilation and ventilation, and control the temperature between 18-20 degrees. After entering December, the outside world has become cold and can be covered as early as possible to increase the temperature in the greenhouse to maintain the temperature at around 20 degrees. Celery is a wet crop. During the cultivation process, the ground should always be kept moist. The celery does not require strict light, and the appropriate low light is beneficial to the growth of celery. The daily illumination time can be 6-9 hours.

The celery's petiole has a strong ability to regenerate. It adopts the method of harvesting or harvesting to promote the increase of yield. Each time the pods are harvested, 3-4 leaves per plant are planted. After fertilization, timely fertilization and watering are required. - 5 cm, after the cut should be 2000-3000 kg of farm fertilizer per acre, timely watering after application.

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