Garlic crushed hot oil to lower cholesterol and raise liver

British medical scientists have found that garlic can reduce blood cholesterol levels and reduce atherosclerotic plaque, thus preventing arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease. It has been reported in the country that the use of garlic oil 0.2 ml/day treats hyperlipidemia in 1000 cases. Once used for 1 month, serum total cholesterol, triglyceride, and beta lipoprotein have significantly decreased.

Experts at the Garlic Research Institute believe that the reason why garlic has such an excellent effect is because it contains two effective substances: alliin and alliin. Alliin and alliin enzymes stay in the cells of fresh garlic, and once the garlic is crushed, they will contact each other to form a slick liquid, allicin, without color. Allicin has a strong bactericidal effect. After entering the human body, it can react with cystine of bacteria to form crystalline precipitates, destroy the SH group in the thioamino organisms necessary for bacteria, and cause the metabolism of bacteria to be disordered and thus unable to breed. Grow.

Garlic is not only to increase the flavor of fragrant only, and now can also take care of health, in animal experiments, garlic oil can reduce 30% of cholesterol and 40% triglyceride to protect the liver, is to prepare 1:1 garlic and eat In the oil, the garlic was smashed and heated in microwave, and it was placed in a 180-degree hot oil for half an hour.

Garlic is basically recommended to eat raw, its nutritional value is relatively high, but if you want to heat it, you can soak in the so-called olive oil, it can stabilize the composition of allicin. Oil can preserve allicin in garlic, but it does not require heating to protect the liver. Nutritionists say it needs further confirmation.

Experts also pointed out that although garlic has a high nutritional content, it can reduce platelet aggregation and has antioxidants. However, fasting can not eat too much, and it can be eaten every day, but one of them is that your stomach is not good and it is easy for the stomach to become inflamed. People do not recommend eating garlic on an empty stomach. In addition to garlic oil, whether it is cooking or frying, remember just enough.

The more you eat garlic, the better. Because eating too much garlic will affect the absorption of vitamin B, a large number of eating garlic also has a stimulating effect on the eyes, easily lead to blepharitis, conjunctivitis. In addition, garlic should not be eaten on an empty stomach. Because garlic has a strong irritant and corrosive, garlic patients should not eat garlic when suffering from headache, cough, toothache and other diseases. One or two times a day, eat 2-3 times each time.

Many people do not eat garlic because they are afraid that after eating, the smell in the mouth will be heavier, affecting the communication with others. In fact, drinking a cup of coffee, milk, or green tea after eating garlic can all play a role in eliminating breath. You can also chew some green tea leaves for better results. Usually prepare some chewing gum, you can also come in handy after eating garlic.

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