How to identify fish fullness?

First, watch carefully the length of time fish eat at the food table or food court. If a fish feeds a certain amount of feed (normal feeding amount), the fish eats less than 2 hours, indicating that the feed is insufficient, and some fish are not eaten or fed, and they should be added appropriately. If the amount of feed is constant every ten days, the daily feeding amount is the same within ten days, but by the end of the tenth day, the feed was eaten by fish within less than two hours, indicating that the fish has gained weight and the amount of feed should be increased. When fed with pellet feed, the feed has been thrown out and the fish are still grazing on the surface of the surface and do not want to sink into the "second floor water", indicating that the fish is not full. For example, schools of fish have been scattered from the food and food courts, and there are leftover baits. The fish are full, and they can reduce the amount of the diet at their discretion.

Second, the water surface is extremely calm, the fish activity in the pool is frequent, check the fish body for parasite harassment, or the fish may be hungry. In breeding ponds, fry species emerged in droves as they raced around the pool. This was a manifestation of the lack of palatability feeds and a sign of severe hunger, commonly known as "race horse disease."

Third, regular inspection of the growth of fish, generally once a month inspection, in the appropriate density of stocking, with a reasonable proportion, no disease occurs, found that the growth of fish is far from reaching the predetermined specifications, and the individual size difference The disparity indicates that the fish they have eaten are deprived of food and are often starving or half-starved.

4. For ponds where fishes are mainly used for raising fish, the transparency of pool water is more than 40cm, or the water quality is changed from fat to thin, or the carp, carp head is large, tail is small, back is narrow, swimming is weak, and even thin The death of individuals floating on the surface of the water shows that there are very few planktonic species that can eat in the water, so the fish grow slowly.

Fifth, in order to determine the hunger and satiation of squid, it is necessary to determine the turbidity of the pool water. If the whole pool of water is very turbid (yellowish yellow), it proves that quail is frequent in the bottom of the pool and it can be determined that squid is in starvation condition.

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