Six strokes for raising pigs increase efficiency

Raise a hybrid pig. The breeder pigs Duroc, Landrace, etc., were used to produce hybrid pigs. Cross-breeding pigs have strong viability, fast growth, and good feeding effect.

Self-cultivation. Owning excellent male and female sows, breeding their own hybrid piglets, and cultivating their own commercial pigs will help prevent epidemics, increase the survival rate of piglets, and reduce the cost of raising pigs.

Implement protective feeding. In the summer and autumn, vines such as gourds and pumpkins can be planted in the pig house for cooling and shading. In winter, plastic greenhouses are used to raise new technologies, and insect repellents and immune injections are regularly performed.

Implement intensive farming. In summer, 1 square metre pig house raises 1 fattening pig, and in winter, 0.8 square metre pig house raises 1 finishing pig. Because the pigs are kept intensively, the pigs are saved, the activity space is small, they sleep when they eat, and the weight gain is fast, which shortens the feeding cycle.

To science and technology to benefit. Promote one-stop rapid pig raising. Implement "five reforms and one plus." (ie, a fat-raising pig is Changbai, Yorkshire, Duroc, etc., lean-type pigs; 2 is fed a single feed for feeding with full-priced feeds; 3 is changed to feed clinker for raw materials and mixed with wet-feeding; Fattening is a straight-line fattening; five changes to disease prevention are prevention in advance to reduce the mortality rate of pigs and increase the survival rate and slaughter rate. One plus is to add additives and auxin.)

Timely slaughter and slaughter. After over 90 kg of fattening pigs, the daily weight gain was significantly slowed down, and fat deposition was the main factor. Therefore, the more unfavorable the feeding was, the more the fat was, and the more difficult it was to sell. Pigs less than 90 kilograms have a high feed utilization rate, but they have a low meat weight and are economically uneconomical. It is most suitable for pigs to be fattened to 90-120 kg for sale or slaughter.

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