Spiced roasted donkey meat production method

1, ingredients standard Ingredients: Donkey 5 kg.
Excipients: 500g onion, fresh ginger 250g, 200g garlic, 15g clove, 25g cinnamon, 15g pepper, 10 leaves of sweet pepper, 15g pepper, 100g salt, 25g MSG, 150g soy sauce, soybean oil 100 g
2. Processing methods Raw material finishing: Select fresh and qualified donkey meat, remove the fascia, cut into 4 pieces of meat, and put some small mouths on the meat and put it in the big dish.
Marinated: Welsh onion and fresh ginger are cut into small pieces, garlic is cut into pieces, and sprinkled on a donkey plate. Spread salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, soy sauce, prickly ash, cloves, cinnamon, and scented leaves along the mouth of the meat. All ingredients are mixed evenly with the donkey and marinated for 6 hours.
Grilling: Wipe the roasting pan, first apply the soybean oil, then put the marinated donkey, and put it into the oven. After about 3 hours of baking, the roasted red dates were cooked and the donkey was cooked thoroughly, removing the spices attached to the surface. When baking, you must diligently look and make it evenly cooked.
3, product characteristics Spiced roasted donkey, color red, salty and spicy, five flavors of the United States, crisp meat, unique.

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