There are ways to prevent melons and crackers

With the increase of temperature, melons grow rapidly and have reached the critical period of field management. In recent days, some farmers have reported that melons have a small melon and fruit cracking during their growth. How can this be solved?

Prevent small fruits

Early to strengthen fertilizer and water management, promote vegetative growth. According to the variety characteristics and cultivation methods, reasonable pruning, control of the resulting parts. General 1-2 fruit per plant.

When the plant growth is weak, young fruit can be removed to promote vegetative growth and delay the results.

For vigorously growing plants, artificial pollination should be used to promote fruit set. At 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. every day, female flowers opened on the same day are opened with male flowers that were opened on the same day and lightly touched twice for artificial pollination.

Prevent cracking

Rational irrigation, pay attention to irrigation period and irrigation volume. On the one hand, it is necessary to pour the swelled water in time to promote the expansion of the melon fruit; on the other hand, after swelling the melon water, do not pour any heavy water. In particular, try to avoid watering for about 10 days before picking to prevent cracking of the melon.

Scientific fertilization. In the late growth stage of melons, the topdressing fertilizer is timely and meets the requirement of growing fertilizer for melons in the later period.

Protect the leaves. Pay attention to protect the leaves near the fruit, use them to shield the sun from the fruits, and avoid cracking fruit due to the aging of the skin caused by direct sunlight. The fruit can be covered with grass and leaves to prevent premature hardening of the peel.

Spray trace elements. After sitting on the melon, combined with watering, with 0.3% of calcium chloride and 0.12% -0.25% boric acid solution for foliar spray, spray once every 7 days, even spray 2-3 times, to supplement the lack of trace elements .

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