A new method of watermelon germination

A new method of watermelon germination using watermelon rapid germination method, than dry seed live about 10 days earlier. Before germination, the seeds must first be cleaned of bad seeds, scorpions, and impurities that cannot germinate normally, and then the seeds should be treated with chemicals or seed dressings according to the diseases that are likely to occur during local planting. Soaking in warm water. About 100 grams of preparation per acre or so, soak the seeds before the whole good melon, good guaron pier, apply good basal fertilizer (or do a good job of nutrition). After sunny days after raining, soak in warm water at 55°C for 3 hours, remove and drain until water does not drip. Insulation germination. Firstly, put a pot of clean, moist river sand in the pot and pour out preheated sand that has been mixed and dried to 50°C. Preheat the sand in a pot and spread it into 6cm thick. Put a piece of gauze on it. Mix the seed with 3-4 times the preheated sand and spread it on the gauze. The thickness should not exceed 6cm. Then we put the clean straw in the hot water of about 50°C, soak it in the hot water, spin it on the seed, and fold a piece of plastic film into 6 layers to wrap it around. A small hole is made in the middle of the film and a thermometer is inserted. Finally, the pots were germinated in a hot water bath at 55°C. The greenhouse is maintained at 39°C during germination. If it is too high, the pots can be removed and cooled. During the germination process, it is necessary to turn the seeds one or two times in order to facilitate the uniform heating of seeds and neat germination. After germination for 17 hours, quickly select the germinated seeds with chopsticks, spread them in pots, cover with a wet towel, and keep them in a cool and windless place. Choose once every 3-4 hours until germination is completed. sowing. Dig a hole in the rind (the pot is still covered with a wet towel), and put 1-2 seeds in each hole so that the seeds can be removed from the soil when the seed emerges. Then cover with 2 cm thick fine soil or sprinkle a layer of grass ash and cover fine soil. Finally, it is drenched with thin, fast-acting fertilizer or water to make it wet.

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