Anti-Snail "Sleep"

Scattered snails will enter the “summer sleep” when the temperature reaches 35°C, and long-term high temperatures will cause snails to die. The reason for this is that the temperature in the farms (compartments) is high in the summer; the second is a variety of ticks, parasites, and germs; and third, the indoor air does not circulate. In order to reduce the room temperature, we have tried many times to gradually explore a simple and easy way: When the room temperature 28 °C -32 °C, placed in the room 1 kg frozen shaved ice 4 groups, room temperature can be controlled at about 25 °C. If the box is kept indoors, when the temperature in the box exceeds 28°C, from 9am to 4pm, 400g of shaved ice is placed in each box, and the temperature inside the box can be reached. Of course, it is also possible to reduce the temperature by spraying water. It has been observed that a small snail with a shell height of 7-8 cm takes about one tablespoon of water per day. If some individuals are found to be very active, especially during the growing season, most of the shells are dehydrated and the environment is dry. It is best to spray 1-2 times of water each morning and evening. The water spray is preferably misty. Avoid direct spraying of water on the snail body. It is even more important not to soak in cold water or to “bath” the snail. Excessive wet snails are prone to tuberculosis and foot rot. Therefore, the absolute humidity of the soil surface of the terrarium (pool) should be about 15%-27%. In the hot season, it is necessary to promptly clean up food residues and feces in order to avoid the generation of harmful gases, use of feed soil that is seriously polluted by pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and Other harmful substances. In the case of timely nutrition, the number of feedings should be regular, and the type of feed should not be transformed too quickly. The sick snail can be used to flush the terrarium (pool) with salt and soda solution mixture or 0.1% potassium permanganate solution, combined with the daily amount of gentamicin and other anti-inflammatory drugs, can also be used 0.5 Grams of chloramphenicol or oxytetracycline mixed with 250 grams of mixed concentrate feed, even fed 7 days, the effect is better. In the winter and spring season, the breeding box is covered with glass, which can play a role in keeping warm, but in the hot summer, the air in the box does not circulate. It is better to use a yarn cover instead. If plastic pots are used as breeding vessels, it is also possible to use a few layers of tape on the edge of the pot to make 3-4 supporting points so that the glass and the pot have a certain gap, but care must be taken so that the gap does not allow the snail to drill.

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