The sheep produces more female lambs

1. Give ewes more green juicy feed to increase vitamins and carotene in the body. It can maintain the uterus and ovarian steroid synthesis cells from oxidants, maintain ovulation and implantation, and also facilitate the preferential binding of X chromosome sperm to the egg. 2. Neutral vitamin B12 injection as a thawing agent for frozen sperm can increase sperm motility, increase conception rate, and produce a large proportion of female lambs. 3. Inject a 1 ml 5% arginine or 30% white sugar solution into the ewe cervix 20-30 minutes before breeding and artificial insemination. 4. Ewes are estrus on sunny days. They should face the sun for 30 minutes before breeding, and then breed or inseminate. 5. Feed more calcium-containing feed before or after estrus. These can make the ewe egg calcium, magnesium ions higher than potassium, sodium ions, so that the ewes lambs develop into mothers and lambs, the effective rate of 90.60%. 6, sunny breeding. The ewes may be bred or inseminated between 10 am and 2 pm. 7. The use of male rams that are not mated for long periods results in more male lambs being produced; in comparison with males that breed more frequently, the mother lambs produced by lambs have a large proportion. 8, try to make the timing of breeding or insemination, as long as it can be fetus on the line, this must be the mother lamb.

Lasylaser Best Seller for Beauty salon IPL RF Laser Multifuction Beauty Machine

Application of IPL+RF+Laser+E-light beauty equipment:

1. Permanent Hair Removal by E-light(IPL+RF) technology

2, All kinds of spots removal, freckle removal, pigment removal
3. Skin lifting, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, skin whitening, wrinkle removal, reshape facial outlines, contract large pores, rebuild body figure
4. Acne treatment, Angiotelectas treatment
5. All colors of Tattoo Removal, eyebrow line, lip line pigments removal

6. Weight loss, breast enlarging.

Such as IPL Machine.

Features of IPL+RF+Laser+E-light medical machine:

1. A good combination of five advanced technologies: IPL+E-lightl+ Bi-polar RF pigment removal+ Laser Tattoo Removal +Soft Skin Black Moppet, it is the KING of all the beauty machines, which could solve nearly all the skin problems.
2. Double operation screen: 8.4 inch TFT True colorful touch screen+5.1'' LCD screen, which could work together, easy to operate.
3. Fashionable style, very popular to customers, easy to get the invest back.
4. CPC connector of instant plug and play, very easy to install and operate.
5. Modular Design of inner structure, which makes it work more stable.

Multifunction ( IPL + RF + Laser )

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