Earth Element Harvesting and Processing

1. The harvesting of adult insects and processing earth elements is relatively simple. Can be hot to dry and dry, no impurity, dry, not broken. After 11 to 13 months of breeding, the earthen eggs have already passed their breeding season. The weight of the female worms begins to reduce and gradually die. At this time, the fine weather is selected. The mother worms are screened out, put into boiling water, and are washed and rinsed. In the hot sun, the sun is exposed for 3-5 days. Drying should be considered in case of rainy days. To test the degree of dryness of the earth element, only the belly of the earth element should be squeezed. There is still gelatinous soft material in the abdomen to indicate that it is not dry, and the undried soil element is inconvenient to store. 2. How to save the finished product of the earth element After the earth element is harvested and dried, due to the factors of market dynamics, it is sometimes necessary to put it on the market for a certain period of time in order to obtain the best economic benefits. This involves the inventory method. Medicinal companies, pharmaceutical companies and other units have specialized warehouses. The general farms have no such conditions. We can learn from them to make some small warehouses. After the soil is dried, it is cooled, packed in plastic bags that are not leaky, and aluminum phosphide tablets or powder are placed in the bags to prevent insects. Aluminum phosphide is more toxic, and it is tightly sealed after use. It is far away from the house to prevent people from aspiration. No medication is needed at low temperatures in winter.

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