Technical adjustment of small gasoline engine

The small gasoline engine IE4DF is widely used in rural areas for power generation, irrigation and other supporting power. If it is improperly adjusted, it will make the gasoline engine unable to work properly. Now, the technical adjustment of the small gasoline engine will be described as follows: 1. Adjustment of ignition advance angle. Gasoline engine should be in the piston at 30 before the top dead center, the spark plug flashes, in the magneto flywheel has two engraved lines, the second line and the axis angle of 30, the flywheel clockwise rotation, when the first long moment When the line is aligned with the engraved line on the crankcase, the top of the piston is 30 before the top dead center, and the breaker should be disconnected (not fully open). If the flywheel is rotated clockwise, the first long line on the flywheel It is not yet aligned with the engraved line on the crankcase, and the breaker has been opened. At this time, the ignition advance angle is greater than 30, and the ignition is premature, whereas the ignition is too late. Adjustment method: Remove the starter wheel, through the second inspection hole of the flywheel end face, first loosen the two screws of the magnetoplane bottom plate fastened on the rear half crankcase, if the ignition is too early, rotate the bottom plate clockwise to a suitable position Then, tighten the two screws. If the ignition is too late, adjust it counterclockwise. 2, cut-off gap adjustment. After the breaker contacts are burned, the gap will change. The breaker gap (also known as the platinum contact gap) should be maintained between 0.25--0.35 mm. When the breaker trips, the ignition in the cylinder will begin. Excessive or too small clearance will affect the firing performance. Adjustment method: through the flywheel end face two inspection holes, loosen a fastening screw of the contact plate of the breaker, if the gap is too large, turn the chassis counterclockwise to a suitable position, and then tighten the screws. 3, spark plug clearance adjustment. After the gasoline engine has been operating for a certain period of time, the spark plug electrode causes the gap to exceed the specified range of 0.60-0.70 mm due to burning. Adjustment method: Use a thick gauge of 0.60-0.70 mm thickness to insert between the side pole and center pole of the spark plug to adjust. The amount of needle valve activity is about 1 mm. If there is any change, the tail of the needle valve holder can be adjusted. Adjustment method: the mixed oil concentration is achieved by adjusting the different positions of the conical oil needle in the oil hole. The flat clamping spring is placed in the ring groove at the top of the oil needle. The oil supply is the thinnest, and the lowest ring groove is placed on the cattle. The most concentrated oil. There are five ring grooves on the needle, which are adjusted according to the season and need. Oil level adjustment. The oil level of the float chamber is 11 mm from the top of the float chamber. When the carburetor is inverted, the float should be flush with the main metering hole. If it is not flush, the curvature of the needle valve support can be adjusted. Speed ​​adjustment. The rotation speed of the gasoline engine can be adjusted with the nut on the throttle control rod. When the speed is not increased, tighten the nut upwards. When the engine stops and does not turn off, turn the nut down and adjust the nut to a suitable position.

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