White clover

[Scientific name]TrifollUSt repens

[alias] white clover, tilting


Originated from the European Mediterranean. Hi warm and humid climate. Niu Chang appropriate temperature 20--25C, less than -15 °C death, more than 35C with summer dry phenomenon. Intolerant to drought, resistant to semi-shade, resistant to thin soil, suitable for loose fertile, well-drained sandy loam or loam. White clover with litchi. Leaf 3 out, leaflets obovate to nearly inverted heart-shaped, middle leaf surface with "v"-shaped white spots. Flower heads, flowers white or pale red. Capsule obovate rectangle. Early spring or autumn sowing, 4 to 5 days germination. The white clover leaves are low in height, have many flowers, and have a long green period. They are often used to sew lawns and can be mixed with early-maturing pods and purple fescue. It can also be used as a flowering place for unicast. It is often used for slope greening and has the function of maintaining water and soil. There are about 300 species of the same genus, and there are also found in cultivation: T. pratense; T. incarnatum. White clover is Irish national flower.

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