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The tiger ear orchid, also known as the tequila orchid, is a perennial evergreen herb of the Amaryllidaceae family. It is thick and fleshy, fleshy, and is extracted from short stems above bulbs. Umbrellas are topped and white in color. Huerlen is native to southern Africa and is sexually warm, moist and semi-negative. It requires slightly acidic sandy loam or peat soil. Cold resistance is poor, summer should be half shade, winter winter temperature must not be less than 5 °C. The tiger ear orchid is an excellent leaf-blossom flower. The leaves are broad and slightly curved. The posture is graceful. Each year, the top of the flower is yellow and white, and it is planted on several shelves, desks, bookcases, etc. It is green and pleasant, and the viewing effect is very good. . The seedling and ramets methods are commonly used for breeding of orchids. Seeding and breeding, seeds mature more than 2 months after anthesis, due to large seeds, can be directly potted, germination 15 days after sowing, seedlings need 4 to 5 years to flower. Reproduction by division, bulblet development is slow, usually from 2 to 3 years, once in the spring, the parental strains are planted when the pot is changed, and the bulblets can be planted separately. For planting tiger orchid, it is better to use a mixed soil of rot leaf soil, peat and coarse sand, and keep the basin soil moist during the growth period. It should be slightly dry and not wet, avoid rain or water in the basin, otherwise it will cause bulb rot. Apply nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer once every half month. There is a short-term semi-dormant condition in winter. Watering should be reduced and indoor wintering should be provided.

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