Seed germination rate and germination potential

The germination rate and germination potential of crop seeds are two different concepts and should not be confused. In determining the seed germination rate, it is also necessary to determine the seed germination potential, in order to reasonably and accurately determine the planting area and seeding depth per unit area, so that one seeding preservation seedlings.

Seed germination rate of crops refers to the final period of germination test. The percentage of all normal germinating seeds to the test seeds within the specified date, that is, the germination rate (%): the number of all germinated seeds within the specified date. X100. The number of days for calculating the seed germination rate of crops is: 7 days for corn, wheat, millet, soybean, and sunflower crops, 8 days for sorghum, and 10 days for crops such as rice, mung bean, and peanut.

The germination potential of crop seeds refers to the percentage of normal germinating seeds that accounted for the number of seeds that were supplied during the initial period of the germination test. That is, the germination potential (%) = the number of germinated seed grains in the given days is the number of seeds for the seeding x100. The number of days for the germination potential of various crop seeds is: the seeds of corn, wheat, millet, mung bean, sunflower and other crops are 3 days; and the seeds of rice, soybean, peanut and other crops are 4 days.

BIO scope S1 is a digital handheld scope used to record digital photographs and videos.

It is mainly used in hospital, Clinic and medical departments for doctors and nurses to examine ear.



1. Bigger LED Screen 3.5 inch with 720*480 resolution
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5. cerumen,otitis media, ear infections, perforation of tympanic membrane checking

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Resolution 720X480
Light source Natural white(LED)
LCD 3.5 inches special LCD screen
Minimum color difference for different viewing angle
File format JPEG,BMP,AVI
Media Micro SD flash card
Interface 1 mini USB,1 AV-OUT,1 SD card slot
Power supply rechargeable lithium battery
External power 110V~220V AC 50/60HZ, Output DC 5V 500MA
Working time 3 hours for continuous working
Charging time 5 hours

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