Six Principles of Pesticide Safety Mixing

At present, many farmers' friends often use several pesticides together when they control crop pests and weeds. If they are used improperly, they will not only not achieve the desired results, but also will easily cause crop damage, increase the cost of drugs, and cause Casualties such as humans and animals. Therefore, six principles must be kept in mind when mixing pesticides.

1. Chemical pesticides should not be chemically changed when they are mixed. One is that pesticides that have chemical reactions after mixing result in phytotoxicity of the crops cannot be mixed: if Bordeaux mixture and lime sulfur cannot be mixed together. The lime sulfur mixture and rosin mixture, organic mercury pesticides, heavy metal pesticides, etc. cannot be mixed. Second, the acid-alkaline pesticides can not be mixed: commonly used pesticides are generally divided into acidic, alkaline and neutral 3 categories, acid and alkaline pesticides can not be mixed. Third, pesticides with structures such as esters and amides should not be mixed with alkaline pesticides to avoid hydrolysis of lipids or amides. Fourth, some sulphur-containing bactericides such as zesin-zinc, thiram, etc. should not be mixed with insecticides trichlorfon and monocrotophos. Fifth, some ionic pesticides, especially herbicides such as wild peony, 2 methyl-4-chloroamine salt, glyphosate, etc., can also react when used in combination to reduce efficacy.

2, can not destroy the pharmacological properties of the drug. The use of two types of emulsifiable concentrates still requires good emulsifying, dispersing, and moisturizing properties. When two kinds of wettable powders are mixed, they are required to have good suspension rate, wettability, and exhibition performance. This is not only a condition for exerting efficacy, but it can also prevent failure due to changes in physical properties, reduction of efficacy, or occurrence of phytotoxicity.

3. It must be ensured that there will be no side effects such as phytotoxicity after mixing. For example, organophosphorus insecticides cannot be used in combination with propellants, which can cause phytotoxicity to crops.

4, to ensure the safety after mixing. After pesticides are mixed, it is necessary to ensure that they do not increase toxins and that they are absolutely safe for humans and animals.

5, the mixing of pesticides should be reasonable. First, the mix between varieties should be reasonable. Such as control of soybean field grass weeds, single use to catch net, cover grass can be controlled. If the two are mixed, although it is feasible from the stability of the drug, it can not increase efficiency. The second is that the cost should be reasonable. Mixed use is generally less costly than single use. For example, the more expensive new systemic fungicide is used in combination with the less expensive protective agent species, and the more expensive chrysanthemum pesticides are mixed with organophosphorus insecticides.

6, to clear the scope of use of mixed drugs. It is necessary to make clear that there is a difference in the scope of use of single doses of various active ingredients contained in pesticides after compounding. Read the instructions carefully before mixing the pesticides, and do the miscibility test before mixing. Mixed pesticide species require different modes of action and concurrent treatment of different control objects, so as to achieve the purpose of expanding the scope of control and enhancing the control effect after pesticides are mixed. After the mixture is used, the pesticide residue of the agricultural and sideline products should also be lower than that of the single agent. Mixing and mixing pesticides have their own characteristics in terms of scope of use and effect, and the mixing is meaningful.

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