Egg duck breeding increased energy in cold season

In the cold season, the egg-duck consumes part of the heat to resist the cold invasion. Therefore, the feed of ducks and ducks should be rich in nutrients, and the mix should be reasonable. Feeds should be properly increased in high-energy feeds such as corn, so that the crude protein content in feeds can reach 18%-20%, calcium 2.5%-2.8%, and phosphorus. 0.45%-0.55%.

Special attention should be paid to ensuring that the ratio of calcium in the diet is too low, so that the secretion of gonadotropins in laying ducks will decrease, affecting production. In addition, it is necessary to quantify the amount of green feed supplemented with multivitamins, 40-60 mg per kg of diet. Due to the low temperatures in winter, the need of ducks to maintain energy is greatly increased than usual.


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