Rubber Forest Winter Management

Doing well the winter forest of rubber forest is conducive to the growth of gum trees and tapping rubber the following year. 1. The main land for cutting woodland is to repair terraced rice noodles, and do a good job of “three guarantees and one protection”; weeding out forestland and forest weeds, repairing dead branches and drooping branches of the forest, keeping the forests airy and light, and reducing cold damage occur. 2. The young forest gum forest is mainly planted with tape to deepen, loosen the soil layer, and promote the growth of young tree roots; clearing forests and striped weeds and covering the roots of young trees can inhibit the growth of weeds and increase soil fertility. 3, fertilization: open cutting trees apply 15-20 kg of organic fertilizer per plant, young trees apply 5 to 10 kg of organic fertilizer. 4. After the fall of the gum trees in winter, it is necessary to strengthen the fire prevention work in the forest land so as to avoid the loss caused by the fire.

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