Tonghua Golden Horse has also found that two batches of over-standard capsule medicines have been punctuated

Tonghua Golden Horse disclosed the latest status of the company's capsule product inspection progress. Following the four batches of problematic capsules disclosed on April 25, the company had two batches of products that were detected to exceed the chromium limit and a new capsule source company. Xinchang County, Zhejiang Province Huaxing plastic pill factory appeared, which also allows the company's earlier "temporary procurement" of the argument emerged.

According to the announcement, according to the sampling results of the capsule medicines announced by the State Food and Drug Administration on April 27, the company produced the Qingre Tonglin capsule with the batch number of 20110601 and the Tianma capsule with the batch number of 20111001. The content of chromium in the capsule exceeded the national "2010 edition of China. Pharmacopoeia regulations. At present, the company has initially identified 12,136 boxes of Qingre Tonglin Capsules with lot number of 20110601 and sold them in 2011; Tianma Capsules with batch number of 20111001 produced 7912 boxes, and all of them achieved sales in 2011.

The company stated that it will recall and destroy unqualified product organizations as required. The above two batches of products involved an amount of 368,800 yuan, and the loss will be calculated according to the number of recalls. In addition, other effects cannot be predicted temporarily.

It is worth noting that the two batches of problematic capsules that were found to be out of the standard for chromium were derived from Xinchang Huaxing Plastic Pellet Factory in Zhejiang Province. In the company’s April 25 announcement, it had argued that due to tight production of the company’s original capsule suppliers, in May 2010, it temporarily purchased 1 million capsules from Zhuokang Capsule Co., Ltd. in Xinchang County, Zhejiang Province, all of which were used in the above four. Batches of Qingre Tonglin capsules and broken blood flow capsules are produced. Except for these 1 million grains, the company did not purchase capsules from Zhejiang Xinchang County Zhuo Kang Capsule Co., Ltd. and CCTV’s exposure to excessive chromium capsule suppliers.

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