How to Control Penicillium Cornear Ear Rot

Symptoms The disease mainly occurs on the ear damaged by mechanical damage, pests, or birds, and produces blue-green or green-brown mildew on the grain or between grains, which often occurs at the tip of the ear. The germs invade the embryo, and when the seeds germinate, they cause the withering of the seedlings.

The pathogenic Penicillium oxalicum Currie et Thom called Penicillium oxalicum, which is a semi-pathogen inocula. The morphological characteristics are described in the case of P. gallinarum blast disease.

Transmission routes and pathogenic conditions Pathogens are generally born of various organic materials, produce conidia, and spread by airflow. Through a variety of wound invasion, but also through the disease Jianjian contact infection. Penicillium fungus development temperature 18-28 °C, relative humidity of 95% -98% conducive to disease.

Control methods (1) Use healthy and disease-free seeds. (2) Avoid wounds as much as possible, and take care to prevent bird damage. (3) Spray 70% thiophanate-methyl ultra wettable powder 1000 times solution or 50% benomyl wettable powder 1500 times, 40% carbendazim suspension 600 times, 50% methyl, if necessary. Thiophane WP 500-l000 times, 45% Tex multi-suspension, agent 3000-4000 times, control efficacy against Penicillium significantly.

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