Great heat and heat are not to be forgotten


Appropriate crowd: normal or slightly weak

It is now the “hot day”, which is the hottest period of the year, and it is also the period where the thunderstorm is most common and the temperature above 30°C is most concentrated. The weather is hot and humid, and people who work in outdoor or high temperature environments are prone to heat stroke. Therefore, they should replenish water promptly and pay attention to heat and fire. Melon soup, mung bean soup and other refreshing products are naturally loved by everyone.

However, not all people are suitable to use these cold products, because the hot weather is very hot, sweating more, it is easy to consume gas and hurt, there is weakness, loss of appetite, pale, boring, listlessness and other "virtual" Performance, at this time if you just eat cool things, but make the appetite worse, poor nutrition absorption, and even serious weight loss.

For most people, the summer heat of the long summer is often the "no disease trivial." In addition to supplementing water in a timely manner, it is also necessary to eat some foods that are good for qi and nourish yin to enhance physical fitness, so that the evils of dampness and heat can take advantage of it. Chen Yan said that the so-called “Qingbu” means eating cool and moisturizing products and replenishing the qi and yin of the human body. This method not only avoids the dryness of the qi medicine, but also avoids the bitter cold of the heat medicine and hurts the stomach. Not dry, clear and not cold, it both relieved the heat and increased physical fitness.

It is understood that Qingbu's commonly used drugs are American ginseng, Ishigaki, Ophiopogon japonicus, etc., can be used to make tea or soup. If the heat is rich, if the urine is yellowish and the dry mouth is obvious, boiled water, such as bamboo leaf, lotus leaf, watermelon rind, etc., may be added to enhance heat-clearing effect.

From this we can see that at the time of great heat, it is not only cool, but also pay attention to cleansing. The selected food should be light and not overly greasy, otherwise it can easily impede the stomach and lead to indigestion. Yam, jujube, sea cucumber, eggs, milk, honey, lotus root, fungus, soft-shelled turtle, soy milk, lily porridge, chrysanthemum porridge, etc. are all summer tonics. They can be used according to personal taste.

Ducks are the best supplements for summer vacations. They are not only nutritious, but also live in the water all year round. They are cool and cool. They have the effect of bringing up five visceral yang, the heat of clearing and conquering, the blood and water, and the effect of raising stomach and producing fluid.

The above conditioning method is suitable for normal people or people with weak body but no chronic diseases.


Appropriate crowd: chronic patients or qi deficiency

People with chronic diseases such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema, bronchial asthma, chronic diarrhea, rheumatism, etc., should take some warm food. In Guangdong, Fujian, and other places have the habit of eating mutton on “big summer” days, and believe that it is possible to increase resistance and increase yang. In fact, this method of supplementation is in line with the theory of Chinese medicine “Winter Diseases and Summer Treatments”: using the characteristics of the highest temperature in the Great Heats and the most yang-like features, eliminating the evils of stagnant coldness and dampness in the body and allowing yang to recover better. The more popular "sky moxibustion" is also based on this theory.

However, experts believe that this method of supplementation is only suitable for people who have long-term chronic diseases and who have yang deficiency, cold hands and feet, cold and other yang deficiency. For the normal population need to be careful, so as to avoid sore throat, toothache, fever and other lit.


Summer drink duck melon soup

One duck, 2000 grams of wax gourd (with skin), 100 grams of lean pork, Gorgon, 50 grams each of glutinous rice, 30 grams of North Sea cucumber, together with soup, seasoning food. This medicated diet has the functions of supplementing mortal damage, relieving summer heat and stimulating the spleen and dehumidifying the body, and is the best replenishing food in the summer.

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