Why pigs should be grouped rationally

First of all, we must grasp the physiological characteristics of pigs. The pig's sense of smell is particularly well developed. Piglets can identify different odors within a few hours of their birth and identify different individuals within the group. The pig's auditory analyzer is perfect and can identify the intensity, tone and rhythm of the sound. But the pig's vision is very weak. At the same time, the ranking of swine populations is obvious. When a swarm that has formed a relatively stable group-level system, new members will be involved in the battle, and after a few days, the status will be settled with the establishment of a new hierarchical status. Second, pigs of similar origins, body weight, body condition, temperament, eating habits, etc. were reared in groups, managed in separate troughs and fed in separate troughs to ensure normal growth and development of all types of pigs. The difference in weight within the same group should not be too large, the piglet should not exceed 3 to 5 kg, and the shelf pig should not exceed 5 to 10 kg. After grouping, it should be relatively stable. Generally, it should not be arbitrarily changed. Third, the appropriate use of housing area to determine the appropriate breeding density. Generally, a weaned piglet needs a fence area of ​​about 0.6 square meters. When dividing, the number of pigs in each lap is preferably calculated based on 1.2 square meters for each finishing pig, avoiding midway recirculation, with 6 to 18 per group. The head is appropriate. At the same time, the raising density of the winter should be appropriately increased and the summer season should be appropriately reduced. Fourth, measures must be taken to avoid mutual biting in the early stages of gregarious groups. According to the biological characteristics of the pigs, methods such as "weakness does not stay strong," "break more than not less," "night and not together" and other methods can be used.

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