Cold-proof vegetables

1, nitrogen control method: appropriate reduction in the amount of nitrogen fertilizer at the seedling stage, must not be partial nitrogen fertilizer, so as to avoid the cold resistance of plants. Top dressing is early, in order to promote vegetable seedlings. Before the low temperature, you can't apply the available nitrogen fertilizer, and you should top-up a phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to enhance the cold resistance.
2, the application of organic fertilizer method: the use of pigs, cow dung or soil manure and other warm farm fertilizer, circle cultivation in the root of the root of the vegetable tree, can increase the root soil temperature 2-3 degrees. Fertilization should be carried out on sunny days, 1000-1500 kg per mu.
3. Pouring method: 400-500 kg of thin manure poured per acre before freezing, so that the soil is not easy to freeze.
4, soil method: the combination of cultivators before freezing, with crushed soil to cultivate the roots of soil, can make the soil loose, increase soil temperature, but also directly protect the roots. However, the cultivating soil must be carried out before the soil is frozen. The depth should be 7-10 cm.
5, ash method: First, in the vegetables before the onset of low-temperature freeze damage, sprinkle a thin layer of shell ash or plant ash; the second is to spread grass ash between the rows.
6, Wind Barrier Law: In the north side of the vegetable pot used as straw to make a 1-1.5 meters high wind barrier, every 3-4 inches put a wind barrier.
7. Winter irrigation method: The irrigation time before freezing should be reduced to a daily average temperature of 2 to 5 degrees. After freezing, the highest temperature should be 2-3 degrees after the cold. The soil and vegetable trees have been thawed. The winter irrigation should be poured with enough water, and the water level in the field should not be considered as the degree, and the cultivating and loosening of the soil in time after pouring.
8. Drainage method: Open "Three Ditches" to ensure the smoothness of the ditch so that the snow can be eliminated in time.

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Organic agricultural soil fertilization is based on the relationship between root microbial soil and soil, taking comprehensive measures to improve the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of soil, and coordinate the relationship between root soil microorganism and soil.

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