Spearmint processing

Spearmint must be timely harvest, which is a key to achieving high yields. From the perspective of the whole growth period, 60-80% of the plants had the highest oil content during the first flowering period, when they had two or three rounds of flowering, and the oil content dropped rapidly after flowering. From the same day, the highest oil content was between 2 pm and 2 pm at noon, and quickly dropped after 3 pm. From the weather, it is rainy and windy, the ground does not dry, the sun is not strong, the oil content is low, and it is not appropriate to harvest. It is advisable to choose sunny and breezy weather. After harvesting, they were then allowed to stand in the ground for half a day and 70% of the dry can be distilled.
Distillation, or oil, is the use of steam to destroy spearmint stems, leaves, flowers within the oil gland cells, so that the oil contained in the oil spill out, together with the water vaporized into the cooling pipe, with the cooling water cooling, the gas becomes The liquid, which flows out of the pipe, is then subjected to a layered separation using different proportions of oil and water to obtain a spearmint oil. Generally, about 10 pounds of spearmint oil can be extracted per acre.
Spearmint oil mainly contains lemon ketone, which has a mint flavor. The country has purchased spearmint oil at a high price and its quality requirements are high. Spearmint oil should be light yellow liquid, containing more than 60% of lemon ketone, no water, and more pollution than other oils. Spearmint Brief introduction Spearmint (Herba Menthae Spicatae), English name: Spearmint Herb, alias: green mint, green mint; for Lamiaceae plants orchid fragrance Mentha spicata L. whole plant. Plant morphology: perennial herb, high 0.3 ~ 1.3m, with branches. Roots go horizontally. Stems are square, much branched, purple or dark green. Leaves opposite, elliptic-lanceolate, 1–6 cm long, 3–17 mm wide, apex acuminate or cuspidate, base rounded or cuneate, margin sparsely serrate, both surfaces glabrous, glandular below; no petiole . Umbrella inflorescences densely integrated with terminal spikes; sepals linear, marginate hairy; calyx campanulate, glabrous outside, 5-toothed, marginate; corolla purple or white, inner surface of crown tube ringless, with 4 lobes, The upper lobe is large; stamens 4, extending beyond the corolla; styles apically 2-lobed, extending beyond the corolla. Nutlets ovate, black, puberulous. Flowering from July to August, fruiting period from August to September. It is cultivated in Hebei, Guangdong and Jiangsu, and Xinjiang is wild. Harvest period: Harvested from May to August. Chemical composition: Contains volatile oil. The oil is mainly carvone, limonene, and phellandrene. Indications: Shufeng, qi, relieve pain. For colds, cough, headache, abdominal pain, dysmenorrhea.

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