Piglet rearing

Piglets are the basis for the development of pig production. From a genetic perspective, it is the beginning of a new generation. During the pig's life, piglets are the fastest growing, the most plastic, and the highest in feed efficiency. The quality of piglets is not only related to the level of pig production, but also plays an important role in improving the economic benefits of pig production and accelerating the herd turnover. 1. Feeding of suckling pigs “grasping three foods and passing three levels” is an effective measure to raise all piglets and strive for fullness and strength. (1) Grab the baby food, have a good initial cleansing nipple and eat good colostrum: Before eating colostrum, the piglet should first feed 500,000 units of streptomycin, then squeeze a few drops of the sow's colostrum to feed the newborn piglet. It is good for preventing piglets from crouching. In order to prevent breastfeeding and nipping the sow during breastfeeding, affecting the safety of breastfeeding and piglets, the teeth of the piglets should be cut off after they are born. Piglets have the habit of fixing nipples and sucking milk. Once it is determined that weaning remains unchanged, artificially assisted fixing of the nipples can be used to place the weak piglets on the first, second or third nipples to ensure that the litters grow healthily and uniformly. Sows' milk is divided into colostrum and regular milk according to the chemical composition and physiological effects. Colostrum contains more dry matter and protein than normal milk, and is rich in vitamins. It contains immune antibodies and magnesium salts. The magnesium salt has a laxative effect, which can promote meconium excretion and has a higher initial lactate level, which is beneficial to digestive enzyme activities. Therefore, colostrum is an indispensable food for piglets. Strengthen the insulation, anti-freeze and pressure resistance: The suitable environmental temperature for piglets is 1-3 days old, 30-32°C, 4-7 days old, 28-30°C, 15-30 days old, 22-25°C. Some sows are bulky, sluggish or have poor motherhood. They tend to step on or crush the piglets when they are lying up, especially if the sows are weary and the piglets are weak within 3 days after delivery. Be sure to strengthen the manual care or nursing. Column, the best way is to set the insulation box, both insulation and pressure. (2) Grasping open food and overfeeding the pigs quickly increases the weight of suckling piglets, and the demand for nutrients increases day by day. The sow’s lactation peaks in the 3rd week after giving birth, and then gradually declines, which can not satisfy the piglets' nutritive substances. demand. Therefore, we should begin to train the piglets at the age of 7 days to pick up the material. We can use it to spread the palatable, digestible, sweet and crunchy feeds to induce feeding or artificially forced feeding in the feeding room. With a small law. (3) Grasping vigorously and eating well, weaning piglets should enter the vigorous food stage 30 days after birth and should be supplemented with feeds, fed with feeds rich in nutrition and good palatability, paying particular attention to the content of protein and amino acids, and more than 18% of crude protein. , amino acid 0.9%, every piglet before weaning to ensure 3-4 ? particles. The safest method of weaning is the gradual elimination of milk in 5,432, so as to prevent sow mastitis and reduce stress in piglets. 2, weaning piglets piglets weaning is a strong stress response, from eating breast milk plus particles into a simple solid feed, the living environment has changed, if improper feeding, 1-3 weeks after weaning, Piglets often suffer from loss of appetite, slow weight gain, weight loss, and infection by pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, in order to maintain good weaned piglets, we must have a good weaning pass. Using a gradual weaning method, the 5432 32 method, not only reduces the stress response to weaning of piglets, but also prevents mastitis in sows. The second is the original circle feeding. After weaning, keep a week in the original circle and then go to bed in a transit group. This avoids stress-induced piglet stress due to changes in the environment. The third is the gradual transition of the breeding system. Weanling piglets, from the original free-feeding to less add to the ground, feeding Bacheng satiety, reduce weaning piglet hunger, so that it always maintains a strong appetite, after the group went to bed, 1-7 days to add In the sodium humate or water tank, norfloxacin was added, and the environmental health and the housing were kept warm to reduce the adverse stress reaction of weaned piglets.

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