Agricultural machinery science custody three attention

Due to the seasonal restrictions, agricultural machinery has a short working time every year, but it takes a long time to park idle. In order to maintain the good technical performance of the machine, scientific custody should be carried out by:
First, the parts that are easily rusted or damaged, especially the more expensive parts, such as magneto motors, motors, cutting knives, seeding pipes, openers, conveyor belts, transmission chains, etc., shall be unloaded and stored in the room, and Separate categories to prevent them from squeezing and deforming or damaging.
Second, for machines that require long-term storage, the dirt and debris outside the machine must first be removed; the bearings cleaned and lubricated; the friction surfaces such as plow walls, disc targets, rotavator blades, openers, etc. Cover with paint, black oil, waste oil, and other corrosion inhibitors.
Third, open-air parked equipment, must first take the wheel, harvesting platform, etc. off the ground, not contact with the soil. For those parts that are prone to deformation, they should be flattened or erected to eliminate the factors that cause deformation. Spring-loaded springs should be loosened.

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