How to prevent crab claws bud

Although fertilization is reasonable for fertilizing Crab Claw, attention should be paid to the proper combination of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Usually, some P and K fertilizers are applied more frequently, especially when buds have already formed and the number is large, the amount of fertilizer should be increased continuously to prevent fertilization. Balance or lack of fat caused by the loss of buds.

Reasonably watering crab claw lotus bud formation, must not be flooded, watering should be controlled in the usual eight to become appropriate, until the buds open and then increase the amount of water. Otherwise, too much water during the buds will not only cause buds, but will also cause rot and even fall off stem sections.

Under reasonable lighting, crab claws need to be kept under shade in addition to the summer sun. In the spring and autumn, sunlight should be as much as possible. In the winter, enough sunlight must be kept to ensure the accumulation of the plant's own nutrients. If it cannot meet the above conditions, it can also cause Fall buds.

The optimum temperature is 15°C~25°C, and the plants are in dormant or semi-dormant state when the temperature exceeds 28°C in summer. The temperature in winter is 15°C~18°C, and the temperature is lower than 15°C. Probably possible.

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