Female rabbit food carefully prevent

Love Aberdeen is the nature of all animals, but some female rabbits will kill or eat their own flesh and blood. There are many reasons for this. The following countermeasures are proposed for different reasons.

Feed nutrition is incomplete due to lack of vitamins and minerals in feed. Countermeasures: Feeding the female rabbit's feed (especially during the breeding season) must be comprehensive, rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins, and often provide a green and juicy feed to make it more nutritious.

After lack of water, the female rabbit has lost fetal water after fetal birth, and the fetus is excreted. The abdominal cavity is hollow and thirsty. They often jump out of the birth box to find water after drinking. If there is no water to drink, it may be eaten. Countermeasures: The female rabbit should supply enough clean drinking water before and after delivery, and at the same time, supply fresh and juicy feed.

Frightened during the farrowing period or postpartum, sudden noise or barking and intrusion of beasts, etc., the female rabbit is often frightened and jumps around in the farrowing box, using his hindquarters to stalk the puppies or eat the puppies. Countermeasures: Keep the surrounding environment quiet and prevent animals such as dogs and cats from entering.

Foreign bodies stimulate the litter box or litter smell, the female rabbit suspected, mistakenly eat the pups. Countermeasures: The female rabbits should be washed and disinfected in the box about 4 days before delivery, placed in the sun to dry, then covered with clean mat grass, placed in the appropriate place in the care. In addition, the female rabbit should not touch the rabbit with a hand or utensil that has an odor after giving birth.

Sending the baby too late to send the baby is too late or the scent of the two litter puppies does not cast. They are identified by the foster female and killed or eaten. Countermeasures: It is advisable that the time of fostering the rabbit is not more than 3 days. Send the baby into the box for 1 hour and then feed it. You can also apply balsam, toothpaste, etc. to the nose of the female rabbit so that the female rabbit cannot discriminate.

Lactiferous lactating rabbits compete for nipples when the milk is not enough to eat, and even bite the nipples of the female rabbits, while the female rabbits refuse to feed or bite the pups due to pain. Countermeasures: Strengthen the nutrition of the female rabbits, feed more succulent feed, and give birth to some or all of the puppies.

After being born, Aberdeen's female rabbit dies as a placenta after the calf has died. Countermeasures: When giving birth, artificial guarding or artificial oxytocin production is required. After the farrowing, the production box will be placed on a safe place separately and the female rabbits will be fed regularly every day.

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