Seven issues worthy of attention in dairy farming

In the case of cows with prematurely normal ages, the cows can be used only when they are 18 months old and have a weight of 350 kg or more. However, at present, many cattle farmers are eager to make cows milk, and they often begin to breed about 1 year later, which hinders the development of the bovine body. The result is that the speed is not satisfactory.

With quick success and instant benefits, predatory milk cows will be predatory milking. Mainly manifested in: Dairy cows have a long period of lactation, and low-yield cows have too many milkings on a daily basis. Under normal circumstances, the lactation period of dairy cows is 305 days, and the middle and high-producing dairy cows are milked 3 times a day. Some cattle farmers have shortened the dry period due to a delay in the breeding period or the high yield of dairy cows, making the lactation period too long. For the low-yielding dairy cows, they still insist on squeezing milk three times a day. As a result, the consumption of dairy cows is too large, affecting the calving and lactation of the next baby.

The feed is single, and no importance is attached to the roughage of dairy cows fed with green storage. There must be no less than three kinds of concentrate feed ingredients. At present, many cattle farmers' roughage is mainly corn stalks, and concentrate feeds are mainly corn and cakes, and there is insufficient understanding of green storage.

Extensive management, focusing only on the management of lactating dairy cows The management of dairy cows includes the management of calves, bred cattle, dairy cows (dry cows, lactating cows) at various stages. Now many cattle farmers only pay attention to the feeding and management of lactating cows, which results in severe effects on dry cows and causes a decline in the yield during the next lactation period.

Ignoring the movement and training of dairy cows Some cattle farmers have long-term support and do not have grazing or set up sports grounds. The cattle are not brushed and tuned, and breast-feeding dairy cows are ignored.

Cows are ill and misuse drugs Some cattle farmers do not pay attention to disease prevention, lack of environmental disinfection and awareness of epidemic prevention. Once the disease occurs, cows will use drugs indiscriminately, leaving hidden risks for production.

Postpartum breeding delays in dairy cows Under normal circumstances, the first ovulation of dairy cows is 13 days to 15 days after delivery. The estrus is estrus, then there is a second estrus after 21 days, ie 30 days to 35 days after delivery. In response to this situation, it is advisable to try to breed in the first estrus period and change the habit of mating in the past two months after birth.

Gauze ball

Structure and composition: It is made of 100% Cotton Gauze with X-rays or no X-rays by degreasing, bleaching, drying, processing, cutting and folding.

Product performance: Clean, soft, non-toxic, odorless, non-fluorescent, no oil spots, no mold spots or debris adhesion, and has good water absorption performance.

Model specifications: Divided into non-sterile type and sterile type, ball shape; with X-ray and without X-ray.

Packing: 50/100 non-sterile balls using PE plastic bags with 5 layers of double-corrugated kraft paper boxes ; 3/5/10/15/20/30 sterile balls with medical paper-plastic / paper-paper bags, medical blister packaging, microcontroller Packing, then, 20 bags / 50 bags / 100 bags in white card or gray card box, and 5 layers of double corrugated kraft paper box.

Scope of application: It is used for medical institutions to clean clinically, protect wounds and absorb exudate from the body. It is used for surgery and wound care.


Medical Gauze Ball Round Shape

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