Pea yellow top disease

Symptoms The diseased plant was dwarfed, and the newly extracted topsoil was yellowed, reduced in size, crumpled and curled, and brittle. The adventitious buds were extracted from the leafhoppers, showing plexiform phenomenon. The early susceptible plants did not produce scars, and the diseased plants soon died.

The pathogen was caused by infection with Pea yellow-top vtrus (PYTV). The pathogen is the same as Vicia faba's yellow tip disease. The virus is mainly transmitted by Aphis laburni Kalten, and neither the sap friction nor the seeds are transmitted.

Transmission routes and disease conditions Viruses live on live hosts for winters and are transmitted through soybean meal. The minimum time for aphids to take drugs on diseased plants is 3 hours. The incubation time of viruses in ticks is at least 8-12 hours, including the time of aphid drug use. Toxic aphids are allowed on a healthy plant for at least 15 minutes before they can pass on the virus. Since then, the virus can be continuously transmitted for 5 to 9 days, but its offspring cannot pass on the virus. The incubation period of this disease on peas varies from 5 to 20 days depending on the temperature and the species. In addition to invading peas, beans, soybeans, and milk vetch are also affected. In the presence of toxic sources, the weather or ecological conditions conducive to the propagation of poisonous insects and insects are all conducive to the occurrence of this disease.

Control methods (1) selection of disease-resistant varieties. (2) early detection of timely removal of diseased plants. (3) 20% high chlorine can be selected for full-scale spraying. Horse Emulsion 2000 times or 50% anti-inflavored EC 2000 times, 50% Libu Mist WP 2500 times, 2.5% Kung Fu EC 3000-4000 times, 5% leflux EC 3000 times. The above-mentioned medicaments should be used with a mixture of them, every 7-10 days, and sprayed 2-3 times. As far as possible, a large area of ​​joint defense, killing and preventing disease is obvious. (4) If necessary, spray 0.5% mushroom proteoglycan water 300 times or 20% virus A wettable powder 500 times, 10% virus king wettable powder 600 times, 15% virus will be wettable powder 500 700 times liquid.

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