Canned corn production technology

This product is based on high-quality corn as the main raw material, pre-cooked, fried, mixed with salt and other processes into a pleasant color, unique flavor of canned products.
1. Process flow: Raw material acceptance → screening → peeling → cleaning → precooking → water throwing → frying → oil throwing → canning → venting → sealing → inspection → finished product.

2, operating points: (1) raw material acceptance. Choose fresh, full-grained, dry, non-wormy, mildew-free and other inclusions of high-quality corn. (2) Peeling. Use a mixture of 2-3% sodium hydroxide and 0.2-0.3% fruit and vegetable peeling agent, heat to 90°C, add corn to peeling agent for 15-20 minutes; ratio of corn to solution is 1:2; remove and put in Rinse and stir or scrub in flowing water to remove the skin and cap. (3) Precooked. The corn is placed in 0.1-0.15% citric acid aqueous solution and heated to boil for 50-60 minutes. After precooking, the corn weight is 1.5-1.6 times of the original weight, and the remaining water is discarded by a centrifuge. (4) fried. The precooked fish is put into 170-180 DEG C oil and fried in water. When the corn floats, it is removed and the color is pale yellow or golden yellow; frying for 3-5 minutes. (5) throw oil. The fried corn is put into a cloth bag, and the oil is thrown in the centrifuge for 30-40 seconds, and the cold water is promptly taken out on the screen. (6) Mix salt and cans. Every 100 kilograms of corn mix is ​​dried and crushed with 100-120 grams of refined salt and 40 grams of monosodium glutamate powder, which is then placed in a canister previously sterilized with 75% edible alcohol. (7) Exhaust, seal and inspection. Exhaust seals are carried out at 0.06-0.073 MPa. Those who pass the inspection are then cooled to the finished product.



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