How to Surround a Crab in Natural Water

Wherever there are lakes, rivers, and rivers, some areas with slow water flow, sheltering from the sun, water depths of more than 1 meter, and water quality that is not polluted may be surrounded by farmed crabs.
In order to prevent crabs from fleeing, a double-layered structure of bamboo foil and bamboo nets is required. The waters that are kept in captivity must be luxuriant places, so that they can attract small fish, shrimps and their aquatic animals to inhabit and provide abundant natural food for crabs. At the same time, luxuriant plants also create a good habitat and hidden environment for crabs. As the saying goes: "The size of crabs looks at aquatic plants." This is the reason.

Our company treats fresh mixed vegetables in a frozen manner. This processing method makes the water in vegetables quickly form regular and fine ice crystals, evenly distributed in the cells, the vegetable tissue will not be destroyed, and the biochemical process inside the vegetables can not be carried out, so bacteria and molds can not develop. Quick-frozen food is very convenient to eat, get indoor without washing, cutting, slightly defrosting. Because most of the frozen vegetable products are cooked, and some may also add salt and other condiments, so cooking with a quick fire, instantly cooked, its taste, color and vitamin content, and fresh food almost the same.frozen mixed vegetables

Frozen Mixed Vegetables

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