Using insects to listen to the control of cotton bollworm

Scientists in the United States recently discovered that in the "war" of plants and insects, insects will also "eavesdrop" on the distress signals sent by plants and prepare in advance to cope with the upcoming defense plans of plants.
When a plant is eaten by insects, it will produce some chemical substances. One is to attract natural enemies of these insects to feed on insects, and the other is to inform the plant's own defense system to strengthen "arms" and produce toxic substances for insects. At this time, insects also make antidote in their body. Whoever wins or loses depends on who moves fast. The larvae of the cotton bollworm of the Americas can take the first step and prepare "antidote" before the toxin is produced from celery. The American cotton bollworm is a common pest in the Americas and can invade cotton, corn, tomatoes and other crops.
Researchers say that Heliothis larvae can even predict what kind of toxin the plant will produce based on chemical signals emitted by the plant, creating appropriate antidotes.
This result further embodies the delicate relationship between herbivorous insects and plants, and will bring new inspiration to pest control work.

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