Summer pruning of fruiting grapes

First, the results of fresh shoots should be taken 3 to 5 days before flowering. The tender tips should be removed from the 4th to 7th leaves above the inflorescence, and the vegetative shoots or preparations should be picked at the 8th to 12th leaves.
Second, the auxiliary tip processing With the growth of new shoots and picking the heart, the secondary shoot germination and growth are many and fast, should be promptly processed. The treatment method is to remove the sub tip below the flower spike from the base, and leave 1-2 pieces of leaves above the spike to continuously pick up the heart.
3. When there are too many spikes in flower spikes and panicle spikes, some flower spikes should be removed before flowering, two panicles should be left on the strong branch, one ear should be left on the weak branch, and spike tips and deputy ears should be removed before flowering.
Fourth, Shuji and Shunsui
From late May to early June, the bundled vines are placed under the shelves with their ears resting on the branches or on the wire. At the time of Sui Sui, remove the special grains in the ear, or shake the ear a few times to shake off the dried grains and the poorly-fertilized grains.
5. Cut and pick the leaves Before the fruit is colored, cut off the old leaves and the dense surface of the stand. It is advisable to cut and pick the leaves with a sieve-like light.
6. Whiskers must have lost their function in the management and production of artificial cultivation, leaving the tendrils only intertwined with each other, causing trouble for production. They must be promptly cut off from the sprouting of the grapes until they are harvested, leaving no tendrils.

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