Eight years of development of the father and son--A multi-functional farming machine

Father and son developed the results of eight years - the mountain farming machine Wu Zhenjun who lives in the Inner Mongolia Harqin Banner. For generations he made a living by planting land. As a peasant, he deeply realized the difficulty of the villagers brought about by each year's cultivation. Now, when I think about it, I still feel like an ordeal every year. By chance, he saw in the newspapers the common aspirations of the peasant friends, hoping to produce a multi-purpose small home machine. He and his son were Feelings. Together with the father and son who had worked on mechanical processing, the two then sprouted their own dreams to develop a practical agricultural machinery to fulfill their own dreams for the realization of all the villagers. Since 1998, the father and son started to invest in the development of multi-functional tillers. They have been conceived and improved in practice. After eight years of slow development, they finally turned their dreams into reality. Now they have been successfully developed. It is a multi-functional mountain-cultivation machine that integrates farming, fertilization, arable land, alfalfa land, transport land, weeding and transportation. The machine can operate normally on all terrains (such as slopes less than 20 degrees) in mountainous terrain, terraced fields, plains, greenhouses, etc., and can be planted on the roof. The user can vary the planting characteristics and planting requirements of various crops at any time. Adjust their spacing and row spacing, and can pick up more than a meter of crops. The machine self-powered (gasoline engine, diesel engine) without livestock traction. During operation, it is equipped with a front beam that is connected to a parallel four-sided form, so that the balance of gravity is reduced, there is no jamming in landing, and then the effect of the suspension steering is achieved. According to the different needs of users, they can tow small wooden trailers, etc. for transportation (can carry 0.5-1 tons). The product is small in size, light in weight, flexible in operation (it can be operated when one person is sitting), simple and reasonable in structure, convenient in maintenance, and suitable for use in various soils, especially in the areas where hills and flat lands are staggered. The aircraft has been put on the market, and has been widely praised by the majority of farmers. It is even more gratifying for father and son. Their invention not only found a good helper for the farmers, but also supplemented the gap that we have used since the beginning. At present, the aircraft has obtained four national patents.
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                                                                   Medical Compressed Air Plant

The medical compressed air plant consists of the air compressor, general  filter, aftercooler, precision filter, desiccant air dryer, air buffer tank, activated carbon filter, compressed air quality monitor, decompressor, valve, pipeline and terminal. The system generates compressed air through an air compressor, removes the impurities, oil mist and moisture in the compressed air through an adsorption dryer filter unit, delivers the air to the air storage tank and supplies it through a pipeline to the terminal equipment in the operating room, ICU and other inpatient wards after decompression.

Compressed Air Drawing

Medical Compressed Air Plant

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