Potted chrysanthemum management

First, the preparation of basin soil culture soil requirements are rich in organic matter, porosity and permeability is good, in order to facilitate ~ root growth, the specific preparation according to local raw materials, edible fungus waste (rot leaf soil) as the main raw material, add cinder, Livestock excrement and earth miscellaneous fertilizer are used after composting, and under conditions, they can be piled up for one year, and the use effect will be better in the next year.
Second, the propagation of seedlings Chrysanthemum cuttings are generally around May 10. When selecting the cuttings, select the cuttings that are free of pests and diseases, strong growth bonds, and good traits. Cut 7 to 10 cm at 2 mm below the petioles with a blade. The incision should be cut obliquely at 45 degrees. The cut surface should be smooth and treated with rooting powder. After the insertion of the full light fog mister, water spray compaction, after 12 to 15 days on the pot.
Third, the planting of the multi-headed chrysanthemum planted at the end of May and early June. During the vegetative growth period, the process of basin-washing is generally performed. In the upper pot, chrysanthemum seedlings are first planted into 10 cm pots or nutritious pots, and the soil used for cultivation accounts for half of the pots' volume, which is beneficial to controlling the amount of water and fertilizers and achieve the purpose of controlling the vegetative growth in the early stage. After the chrysanthemums are put on pots, they grow for about 15 days, leaving 3 to 4 leaves to start. About one month later, the roots of chrysanthemum have been filled with flower pots. At this time, the nutrients in pots and soils can no longer meet the needs of chrysanthemum growth. Invert the basin, add a half pot of earth to the basin, and timely irrigating the water to facilitate the return of seedlings. After the beginning of autumn, the soil shall be filled. The soil in the early stage shall not require high fertilizer, and the soil in the later period must be fat soil. When the potted plantlets grow to a height of about 10 centimeters, the heading can be carried out for the first time, leaving 3 to 4 leaves at the base, and the upper part is removed. 15 to 20 days after the first heading, the lower part of the chrysanthemum will issue 3 to 4 branches. When it grows to about 10 centimeters in length, it can be used for the second time. Each side branch will retain 2 to 5 leaves. , pay attention to keep the head position flush, the upper Wang Zhi replay, leaving 2 to 3 leaves, the lower branch to keep 3 to 5 leaves. The general bull is set in early August.
Fifth, water and fertilizer management large flower type long chrysanthemum to do before the control and promote, early small fertilizer small water, in order to control the height, strengthen the management later, so that branches and leaves fat, huge flowers, bright colors. After the beginning of autumn, increase fertilization, fertilize and apply thin fertilizer, generally apply liquid fertilizer once a week. The concentration of liquid fertilizer is controlled at 500-1000 times, and once every 10 days, the foliar dressing is performed; during the bud stage, liquid phosphate fertilizer is poured once, Boron fertilizer and rare earth element fertilizer can increase the brightness of flowers.
6. When the height of the shoots is about 10 centimeters long after the head is set, use 15% wettable paclobutrazol powder 3000 times liquid or B9300-1000 times liquid to spray the shoots and growing points, and then spray every 10 to 15 days according to the situation. ~2 times, pay attention to the strength of branches when spraying, strong branches and heavy spray, weak branch light spray or spray seven, disease and pest control common common diseases are yellow leaf disease, melasma, blight, etc., pests have chrysanthemum buds, chrysanthemums Tiger, 28 ladybird, cotton bollworm, beet armyworm and so on. Before August, it was mainly a locust plague that could be used to control locusts. After August, it entered the critical period of pest control and sprayed once a week related drugs to prevent and control insects.

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