Prevention and Control of Main Diseases and Insects in Soybean Roots

Soybean root pests and diseases mainly include cyst nematodiasis, root rot, root fly fly, black velvet beetles, and ground tigers. The prevention and control methods are as follows:

Agronomic measures: Do a good job in replacing soybean varieties, avoiding long-term planting of a single variety, improving soybean's own resistance to diseases and insects, and advocating mechanized seed selection to remove diseased grains, insect-eaten grains, weed seeds, and impurities, and reduce pest and aphid infestation. Opportunity; timely sowing, based on the occurrence of pests and diseases in various regions; adopting early sowing or postponed sowing methods to achieve the purpose of hiding and preventing pests; early ploughing, fine soil preparation, as far as possible to remove the diseased body, reduce the chance of pests overwintering.

Chemical control 5% phorate (II) is applied to the cyst nematode and root masses. The “three-ridge cultivation” seeding method is used with the seed fertilizer; the seed coating agent can also be used, and the ratio of drug is 1:75. Coating. 35% methylthiophosphorus, 35% ethylthiophosphorus, seed dressing 0.5%, of which the application of 5% Phosphate can also cure two leafhoppers, thrips, spider mites and other seedling pests. The above method can also be applied to soybean black cashew beetles and ground tigers; in the heavy-rooted rot, the use of 50% multi-fu mixture, seed dressing 0.5%; in the root pests mixed area, can take pesticides , fungicides mixed seed dressing.

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