Salty garlic processing technology

Garlic is processed into salty garlic clove with simple equipment and remarkable economic benefits. It is quite popular in the international market.
First, the process of choice of materials → flap → soak → peeled → rinse → grade → blanching → cooling → rinse → pickled → finishing → with soup → barrel → finished.
Second, the operation method
1, selection. Garlic requires mature, dry, clean, complete skin, no insects, no mildew, remove small heads and head garlic.
2, split, soak. Artificially divide the flap, remove the garlic stem and the skin, retain the endothelium, soak it in fresh water for 12 hours, and change the water timely.
3, peeled. Remove the garlic pedicle, the endothelium, and the transparent garlic film attached to the garlic. Do not injure the garlic. Then rinse it clean.
4, classification. According to the size of garlic, the level is 230-300 tablets per kilogram, the second grade is 300-450 tablets per kilogram, and the third grade is 450-600 capsules per kilogram.
5, blanching, cooling. The formula of blanching liquid is: 100 kg of clear water, 50 g of citric acid, and 15-100 g of alum. Liquid temperature 95 °C. If the blanching time is too long or too short, it will affect the product's green, luster and crispness. It should be appropriate to stop taking small air bubbles at the garlic pedicle. Garlic blanch rinse well immediately poured into the water, cooling, rinsing (to be cold).
6, pickled. The rinsed garlic shall be picked up and drained, first marinated with brine at 7 degrees Baume for 24 hours, and then salt water to adjust the concentration to 11 Baume degrees and pickled for 24 hours. Add salt, adjust the brine concentration to Baume 15 degrees, pickle for 48 hours. Finally, the salt concentration was adjusted to 22 Baume, and the pickled sand was not less than 15 days. In the meantime, salt should be promptly added to maintain a stable concentration when the salt concentration decreases.
7, finishing. After the garlic cylinder is out of the tank, remove the garlic clogs, such as discoloration, insect spots and scars, and remove the residual garlic pedicle, endothelium and garlic film.
8, with soup, bucket (bag). Prepare a brine with a concentration of 28 Baume, boil and then filter and cool. Add 0.35% citric acid, 0.05% sodium hexametaphosphate, and 0.03% alum to make the pH of the soup 2.5-3. . When loading the barrels (bags), the garlic cubes are quantified into barrels (bags), and then the soup is injected and sealed.
9, finished product standards. White or milky, shiny, transparent salt, allowing a small amount of garlic meat debris does not cause turbidity; garlic is crisp, there is "bite"; no odor; particles intact.

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