Chicken terramycin should be anti-drug poisoning

Water syndrome occurs in meat

Symptoms: Chicken oxytetracycline poisoning is mostly chronic, and its main manifestations are apathetic, shrinking head and neck; feed intake is reduced, drinking water is increased, the hernia sac is full of liquid; diarrhea, feces is white, and with Capillaries; feathers dry and dull; chicken body gradually thin, keel bent, leg cramps soft; cocks atrophy, pale, purple skin; hen egg production decreased or discontinued.

Second, prevention and control measures:

1, strict treatment and dosage. With oxytetracycline to prevent certain infectious diseases and intestinal diseases, it is necessary to administer the dose in accordance with the prescribed dose, not to increase the dose without authorization. In general, a course of treatment should not exceed 5 days, and one month before it can be used again.

2, the difference between the amount of medication. For the therapeutic dose of individual diseased chickens, oxytetracycline 25 to 50 mg per kilogram of body weight is generally administered once a day for 2 doses.

3, treatment after poisoning. In the event of chronic poisoning of oxytetracycline, the chicken should immediately be given mung bean water or hay water. At the same time, each poisoning chicken should be given oral vitamin B1 or vitamin C10-20 mg, which has obvious therapeutic effect.

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