Norway found that farmed salmon fillets exhibit melanin

Norway has found that excessive mineral content in feed is associated with black blood vessels in farmed salmon.

If the mineral content in the feed is too high, melanin is produced. It is stored around the blood vessels so that it appears black. "The black blood vessels present in farmed salmon fillets indicate potential economic losses in the future. The industry's signals indicate that this may be used as a quality criterion, which may lead to a reduction in sales prices," the researchers said.

The relationship between the black blood vessels in cultured salmon and the copper components in the mineral mixture has now been well studied. The results of the survey showed that excessive use of copper in the feed exceeded the natural needs of the carp, resulting in black blood vessel events.

Failure to eat salmon containing copper or other mineral additives will not have an adverse effect. When compared to those who consumed the fish that contained too much minerals, the carp that did not eat too much mineral content showed a completely different growth rate and quality. The results of the survey showed that squid that had not been given excessive mineral content had a slightly lighter skin.

For several years, Fiskeriforskning has conducted systematic investigations and studies on the growth of farmed salmon. For the aquaculture industry, the excessive use of minerals that concentrate on marine fishery products in the aquaculture industry related to muscle quality is very important.

This study was funded by the Norwegian Innovation Base. This research study will continue in 2006 and will include some fishery products that have developed black blood vessels and can reduce their blackness by changing feed and feeding methods.

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