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Introduction to small pelleting machine:

The small pelletizing machine can produce honey pills, concentrated pills, water pill, water pills, pellets, and can also be coated and dried. Make the prepared pills even and beautiful. It is especially suitable for small pharmaceutical factories, large and medium-sized pharmaceutical factory trial rooms, Chinese medicine research institutes, hospitals, private clinics, Chinese medicine stores, and valuable tonic products on-site processing and sales points. The whole machine is made of stainless steel and conforms to GMP standards. The utility model has the advantages of small volume, low energy consumption, high efficiency, low noise, no pollution, simple operation, safety and reliability, and the machine adopts 220V lighting power, and the electrode is convenient.
Small pelletizing machine technical parameters:
1. Function range: It can produce honey pill, concentrated pill, water pill, water pill, coating, drying and pelletized food.
2 , pelleting specifications: Φ4mm, Φ6mm, Φ8mm (optional two specifications).
3 , production capacity: 2-7kg / h (based on Φ6mm).
4 , motor output power: voltage: 220V, 50HZ; host power: 0.18KW, electric heating power: 1KW, motor speed: 1440 rev / min, working speed: 50 rev / min.
5. Scope of application: Applicable to small pharmaceutical factories, large and medium-sized pharmaceutical factory trial rooms, Chinese medicine research institutes, Chinese medicine research institutes, hospitals, private clinics, Chinese medicine stores (rooms), tonic sales counters on-site processing and food factory pellets Development and other units.
6 , dimensions: 550 × 330 × 250mm.
7 , machine weight: 35kg.
8. Structure: The machine consists of a squeezer, a pelletizing roller, a water pill coating device, a full gear variable speed motor, and electric heating.
9 , technical characteristics:
(1) Multi-purpose machine, easy to remove and wash; (2) Small in size; (3) Light in weight; (4) Stable in performance; (5) Easy to operate; (6) Easy to clean; (7) Power-saving safety; ) low noise; (9) beautiful appearance; (10) all parts in contact with the drug and the outer casing are made of stainless steel, in line with GMP standards.
First, the use of small pelleting machine
   1. Before using the machine, remove the upper cover and the gear cover. A few drops of non-hydrated edible oil must be added to each oil eye, and then scrub the four rollers and the parts in contact with the pill with medical alcohol. Disinfection treatment.
2 , the upper cover, the gearbox cover is reinstalled and reset, the power is turned on, the switch is turned on, and the empty machine is rotated for 1-2 minutes.
3. The uniformed pellets will be dispensed, put into the extruder in an appropriate amount, and stripped, and then the strips will be placed into the pellets one by one and directly into pellets.
4 , coating: After the pill is made, it can be placed in a water pill coating machine, wrapped in white, red and other outerwear.
5 , drying method: After the pill is made, the pill can be dried by entering the water pill coating device for electric heating. It can also be dried by the hot air of the hair dryer, or dried directly in the sun.
6. Polishing method: Put the pill in the water pill coating machine and roll continuously. The longer the rolling time, the smoother the surface.
Second, the small pellet machine users need to know
  1. This machine is suitable for ambient temperature of -5 ° C to 40 ° C, relative humidity less than 90%. There is no conductive dust and corrosive metal gas around, and it is placed in a ventilated and clean place.
2. When operating, there should be no other unrelated items on the work surface. The pelletizing machine is placed on a stable table. When the power supply voltage is confirmed, the power supply should be close to the table. The power socket must have a reliable grounding wire. It is strictly forbidden to pull the power cord hard to prevent the person from tipping over and breaking the pill. Machine and other accidents occurred.
3. After the machine is used, remove the hexagon socket head cap screws, open the upper and lower parts with the roller as the boundary, remove the four rollers, scrub with medical alcohol, and then install the reset.
4. When scrubbing with medical alcohol, when changing the pelletizing roller, the total power must be cut off and the power plug must be pulled out to avoid personal accidents.
5. When the pelleting machine is in use, it is strictly forbidden to touch the pelletizing roller with hand and brush or other tools to avoid pinching the finger. It is strictly forbidden to process the pellets under the protection of the upper cover and the gearbox cover. An unnecessary personal accident has occurred.
6. If the power cord is damaged (such as exposed bare wires), you must use a dedicated power cord. Go to the local office maintenance department to purchase replacement. In case of failure of the switch or socket, it must be stopped. It is strictly forbidden to change the line to continue to use. The opening or socket of the same specification should be replaced in time to avoid mechanical and personal accidents.
7. The crushing equipment for this machine can be selected from our LH-08B flowing water Chinese medicine crusher or XFB-400g to 500g swinging Chinese medicine crusher.
8. The water pill coating can be directly removed and washed when not in use. Rotate clockwise and pull it out. Place it in a reliable, clean place for use. Apply a small amount of clean, anhydrous cooking oil to the exposed part of the water pill to prevent rust. It is strictly forbidden to wash the whole machine or electric heater directly with water. When the unit is not in use, it must be placed in a dry, clean and ventilated place. During the use of electric heaters, it is strictly forbidden to contact with water to prevent electrical conduction and cause personal accidents such as electric shock.
Third, small pellet machine accessories
name         Weigh
regulation            grid
Number of accessories
Prepare     Note
Heating plate
80 × 105mm, 1KW
power cable
0.75mm 2×1.8M
1.5mm 2×1.8M
Support       plate
Daily necessities
Water sprinkler
0.5 kg
Daily necessities
Fourth, the common causes of the pill machine failure and troubleshooting methods
Common faults of this machine
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row     except     square     law
The power must be turned off to perform the following operations
1. After the unit is powered on, the motor does not run.
1. Poor contact of the power cord or loose power plug; 2. Poor contact of the switch.
1. Repair the power supply or exchange the plug of the same specification;
2. Repair or replace the same size switch.
2. When the mechanism is pill, the shaft knife rotates or the medicine surface sticks.
The output stop lever is loose and there is a distance from the bottom of the shaft cutter. The pill cannot be scraped off the shaft slot.
Adjust to the distance between the discharge plate and the bottom of the shaft sipe, (about 0.1mm ) and tighten the set screws.
3. When the unit is working, the motor stops suddenly.
1. Capacitance is broken.
2 , the gear is stuck.
Check the gear slots for debris and clean them.
4. When the machine is working, the shaft cutter has a slight jump.
Loose block screw loose
Open the top cover and tighten the 6 hexagon socket screws evenly.
5. The machine generates abnormal noise during operation.
1. The shaft knife and the friction part of the machine body are dry and oil-free; 2. There is no oil between the gears.
1. Inject a few drops of clean cooking oil into the oil eye;
2. Apply a small amount of butter to each gear groove.
6 , the heater fails to heat up.
1. The plug is loose or the power cord is off;
Replace the plug of the same specification or repair the power socket;
Five, small pelleting machine operation method:
1. Loosen the adjusting screw 1 Move the movable leg 2 to use the size of the pot.
2. Lower the rack 3 to the bottom position of the zui, so that the indenter touches the panel and locks the limit nut 4 to avoid the over-position of the end of the pressing surface.
3. With the pressure bar 5 in the position shown, turn the handle 6 to raise the rack 3 to the high position of zui.
4. Use the dough tube 7 to the dotted line position to load the pressed material.
5. After the pressed material is installed, move it back to its original position.
6. Turn the handle 6 so that the rack 3 is lowered to the material to be pressed without a gap.
7. Hold the handle 6 and do not reverse the gear . The rocker 5 can be pressed up and down .
8. Rotate the part number 8 to clean the face tube and panel.

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