Steamed turtle soft food processing

The soft-shelled turtle is a precious aquatic product. It is processed into a cooked product that is easy to eat, easy to carry, and has a long shelf life. It can break through the restrictions of regions and seasons, greatly broaden the sales market for soft-shelled turtles, and increase the variety of soft-shelled turtle products on the market. The steamed soft-shelled turtle convenience food processing technology is introduced as follows:
1. The main raw material half bucket. 1 Soft-shelled turtle: Choose healthy and disease-free, vibrant Chinese sturgeon, which is generally about 500g/body weight. 2 seasonings: seasonings and adjuvants require food hygiene standards or commercially available superior quality standards.
2. Process flow. Live turtle → Holding → Cleaning, cutting → Weighing (classification) → Picking → peeling → Preparation → Bagging → Sealing → Sterilization → Cooling → Insulation Inspection → Finished Product.
3. Operation points. 1 holdings. Before processing, soft-shelled turtles need to be raised in Dianchi Lake for 1 to 2 days in order to spit out the net abdominal sputum. 2 killing. The soft-shelled turtle slaughtered blood, because the soft-shelled turtle blood nutrition is very rich, on the prevention and treatment of cancer, blood pressure, lipid-lowering, improve red and white blood cells, enhance the human immune system has a good effect, it can be used special equipment to collect turtle blood, its system Into a soft-shelled turtle wine, soft-shelled turtle blood health products. If it cannot be processed immediately, the blood of the soft-shelled turtle should be treated in the anticoagulant and immediately stored in a cold room for storage. 3 Weighing. Generally 500g of soft-shelled turtles are made of 1 soft-shelled turtle, and other sizes can be divided into soft-shelled turtles, and each soft-shelled turtle cuts 1 to 500g. 4 to deal with it. Caesarean section of the soft-shelled turtle should be treated with herbicides and then left for 10 to 20 minutes to completely eliminate the smell of fish. 5 to the film. The soft-shelled turtle has a mucous membrane that must be removed. The soft-shelled turtle is usually soaked in hot water at about 90°C, and the skin is immediately removed by hand. 6 ingredients. Steamed turtle recipe ingredients: salt 10g, sugar 5g, vegetable oil 20g, monosodium glutamate 20g, pepper 0.5g, fennel 0.5g, 0.1g geraniol, Poria 3g, bamboo shoots 15g. 7 packaging. Packing bags should be selected high-pressure cooking composite film bags with good airtightness and vacuum-packed using a vacuum packaging machine with a vacuum of 0.1 MPa. Excerpted from: "Adviser on Making Farming Rich" 2006.09

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