Summer drink beer "best"

The best temperature:

About 12 degrees Celsius is better. First, under this temperature regulation, many aromas can be played normally. Second, at this temperature, the carbon dioxide in the wine will work slowly. It will bring out the fragrance when the temperature rises, and the temperature will be high. The carbon dioxide quickly disappears, the taste is not good, the temperature is too low and it is not good, affect the volatilization of the aroma, so that the taste is not good. Experts also reminded everyone not to put ice on beer, because the beer itself is already very light. Putting ice cubes will affect the taste.

Best taste:

Beer should drink at least 15 milliliters or more, that is, you should drink beer with a big mouth, and beer should not be savored. If you don't drink enough, you can't fill your mouth. If you warm up in your mouth, it will increase your bitterness and you won't feel the unique flavor of beer.

The best environment:

Conditionally placed in the refrigerator, generally stored in a cool place, avoiding the sun. Remember not to freeze, not only affect the taste but also cause an explosion after freezing, repeated freezing and thawing on the wine itself is not good.

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