The correct setting of cold insulation ditch dehumidification effect is good

It is very important to set up the cold protection ditch in the greenhouse. However, at present, most greenhouses do not have a cold-proof ditch, or the cold-proof ditch is not reasonable. Some cold-proof ditch is set outside the shed, and some dig a 30-cm wide and 40-cm-deep ditch at the front of the shed. After filling in the grass, it is not managed. People are free to trample and lose their cold protection.

First, the cold-proof ditch should be set to cold storage temperature adjustment ditch, the entire studio should be set around. The cutting-edge cold-proof ditch should not be set outside the shed, but should be set in the front of the shed, digging a groove 30-40 cm wide and 40 cm deep, and then coating the old film on the ditch bottom and using a 90-cm-wide bucket. Shaped plastic agricultural film, from east to west, this film is equivalent to a tube, filled with water in this film tube.

During the daytime, the temperature in the front of the greenhouse is 2°C~3°C higher than that in the latter half of the greenhouse, and the temperature at the front of the greenhouse is 3°C lower than that in the latter half of the greenhouse. Vegetables are prone to freeze damage. The tube is filled with water and absorbs heat during the day, which does not make the temperature in the front of the shed high. In the evening, the water in the pipes will emit the heat accumulated during the day, which will significantly increase the temperature in the first half. When watering in the future, the water in the pipes will be poured into the ground and the water will be poured in warm water without reducing the temperature of the ground.

Second, the cold ditch should be digging in front of the thin film tube, and cover with thick grass, and finally cover the greenhouse film, press the soil on the outside of the film, after such treatment, the water flow on the film will flow down to the grass, damp grass After fermentation, carbon dioxide is released during fermentation, which not only provides insulation but also provides carbon dioxide needed for photosynthesis in plants. The biggest benefit of this treatment is to solve the problem of the front soil moisture. The original greenhouse was covered with the front membrane directly on the ground. As a result, the water flowing down from the membrane was accumulated in the front soil. Causes the front soil to be too wet, and finally causes the diseases such as downy mildew and gray mold in the front crops. If the disease spreads further, it will infect the entire greenhouse.

Third, gables and sheds should also be set in the latter half of the cold ditch, 20 cm wide and 30 cm deep, filled with wheat stubble or wheat straw, but also step on porcelain, do not have to cover the film. These grasses can not only prevent the heat from being transmitted, but also absorb moisture, reduce the humidity and reduce the occurrence of diseases. After absorbing the tide, these grasses can also ferment, release carbon dioxide, and solve the problem of insufficient carbon dioxide in the shed. Therefore, the cold-proof ditch must be located in the shed. Do not set it outside the shed. Gables and cutting edges must be set.

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