In the new year of Apple, it takes more care to take care of it after harvest.

Last year, Apple's high sales prices were smooth, and fruit growers were serious about managing fruit trees and investing more. This year, the country's major apple production areas coincide with the big year, and the fruit market may not be as good as last year, so some growers will relax the late management of the apple trees. This is not a good move. Fruit farmers must realize that the weak market is an opportunity. The more they encounter this situation, the more they must pay attention to the late management of fruit trees.

First, spray fertilizer pipe good leaf

After the fruit is harvested, there is a 40-50 day growth period after the harvest. If no timely application of fertilizer to the fruit trees will cause the leaves to fall off in advance, directly affect the flower bud differentiation process and the output in the coming year. Therefore, after the fruit is harvested, two high-concentration insecticides and fungicides are sprayed continuously, and 0.5% to 1% urea solution or high-efficiency nutrient liquid fertilizer is added to ensure that the leaves are thick and bright, intact, and extend the effective functional period of the leaves. , provide more nutrients for the late growth of fruit trees and safe wintering.

Second, early application of autumn fat sticks

“Four-season fertilization materials are the most important in the fall.” In this fall, there are many rains, and the orchards have good lyrical conditions. Early application and heavy basal fertigation are urgently needed. The best fertilization time should be arranged from mid-late September to mid-October, with high quality organic fertilizer per acre. 3500-5000 kg, with Longfei three yuan biological organic fertilizer 2 to 3 kg. The combination of organic, inorganic, biological and micro-fertilizers, the combination of base fertilizer and spray fertilizer on trees, and the combination of fertilizer and water.

III. Disease Prevention and Control

After the fruit is harvested till the end of autumn, it is the wintering period for spawning, breeding, breeding, and propagation of all kinds of pests. After the fruit is harvested and after the fall, the whole park is sprayed with Anlanol and Jinlishi to kill insects. It can significantly reduce the number of overwintering pests and diseases, and reduce the number and damage of pests and diseases in the next year.

Fourth, post-harvest pruning Mo late after harvest pruning principle is "Ningchi Mochi late, should not light should be heavy", otherwise it will affect the tree potential and nutritional storage. The specific measures are: First, clear the leggy branches in the canopy, upright new branches that sprout in the autumn, the sprouts near the cut mouth, and the holding sticks left in the summer. The second is to retract some of the results of the slender branches, senescence drooping branches, drag the branches, thin branches and thin branches and no light at the bottom of the invalid branches, the upper part of the long branch, multiple branches. The third is to carry out toppings on the shoots that have not been stopped for long-term growth and greediness, in order to control growth, reduce nutrient consumption, and promote fullness of shoots and fullness of buds in order to facilitate safe wintering.

V. Thoroughly clean the orchard

"After harvesting, the early winter garden is well-maintained and there will be fewer fruit and pests in the coming year." This is the experience that fruit growers have learned from many years of production practice. After the fruit is harvested, we must seize all favorable opportunities, quickly remove the weeds, fallen leaves, rotten fruit, and fruit bags from the ground of the orchard, cut off all kinds of “damaged branches” on the trees, and scrape the spots of rot on the dried branches to give us the next year. Apple production creates a superior environment. The work of the Qingyuan Garden cannot be a simple matter. It must be thorough, thorough, and thorough, without leaving any corners.

Plastic Net

Plastic Net

The plastic net including plastic flat net, plastic slope protection net, slope greening vegetation net, plastic breeding fence net, plastic plant support net, plastic anti-bird/insect nets, plastic filter net, etc.

The texture of material :PE/ PV/ PP + UV anti-acid and alkali , anti aging, corrosion resistance .

Color : transparent, white, silvery grey, green, black, etc. It's can be do as per customer's requirement.

Main uses: slope protection, greening and vegetation, crops plants supporting, anti bird and insects, breeding fence, building, internal and external wall coating lining nets, buried line warning logo, etc.

The advantages of plastic net :

solid structure

easy to set up

economic for applying

high stengthand stretching

creepage resistance, aging resistance

stable performance

impact resistance

The plastic net is ideal choice for production of new composite materials .

plastic net

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